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Moved to act!

Moved to Act!
Demonstrations, Marches, Political Actions

A virtual photography exhibit

Moved to Act! documents important–and ongoing–political movements of recent years: Black Lives Matter, Standing Rock, Womens’ Marches, March for Our Lives, Climate Strike, and many others. Curators Marky Kauffmann (Pine Manor ‘72) and Ellen Feldman selected a wide variety of images from many different protest movements. Please look at the images and form your own perspective on the important questions raised.

Our recent election has made clear some stark divisions in American society. In the words of Robert Kennedy, Jr.: “Democracy is messy, and it’s hard. It’s never easy.” Now we ask ourselves, what is the role of higher education in promoting and strengthening democracy. We need to continue discussion in our college community, and our wider communities, about our priorities as a nation, our strength at the voting booth, and the need to communicate with those who hold opposing views.

The Curators

Ellen Feldman is a long-time street photographer, photo-artist, and book maker; her work has appeared in many solo and group exhibits. She is Photography Editor of Women’s Review of Books and holds a Ph.D. in Cinema Studies from NYU.

Marky Kauffmann (Pine Manor College class of 1972) has been working as a fine art photographer, educator, and curator for over thirty years, including curating “Outspoken: Seven Women Photographers,” at the Hess Gallery. She is a recent recipient of a Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Fellowship in Photography.

Moved to Act Featured Artists: 

Jane Fulton Alt  •  Gabriella Angotti-Jones  •  James Billeaudeau  •  Amber Bracken  •  Edie Bresler  •  Sheila Pree Bright  •  Lora Brody  •  Nicole Buchanan  •  Matthew Butkus  •  Gabriella Demczuk  •  Kelley Donnelly  •  Nina Weinberg Doran  •  Deena Feinberg  •   Colleen Fitzgerald  •  Keiko Hiromi  •  Lindsay Hite  •  Adriene Hughes  •  Sara Hylton  •  Julia Vargas Jones  •  Luke Jordan  •  Sam Kauffmann  •  Tira Khan  •  Neil O. Lawner  •  Rusty Leffel  •  Annu Palakunnathu Matthew  •  Emily Matyas  •  Debi Milligan  •  Talia Mirel  •  Maya Myers  •  Natalie Obermaier  •  Rachel Papo  •   Jessica Pons  •  Denise Saldaña  •  Harry Scales  •  Ellen Shub  •  Suzanne Siner  •  Belinda Soncini  •  Sandra Steinbrecher  •  Candice Washington  •  David Whitney  •  Evan Whitney

Please email the director with questions and for supplementary materials: