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 The mission of Pine Manor College is to make certain that all graduates are prepared to take meaningful steps in their lives: engaging in new jobs and careers, continuing to learn, and positively contributing to their communities. Students, including those who are the first in their families to attend college, who are looking for a purposeful education in a personalized and inclusive learning community will find a home at Pine Manor College.


What Makes Pine Manor College Different?

We offer our students an intentionally individualized education and tailor our programs to meet them where they are. The idea that learning happens one student at a time is woven into our fabric, along with a strong commitment to community building.

Diversity and inclusion are our strengths. Students learn from a wide range of instructors, mentors, and advisors, as well as from each other. Together, we have found ways to harness the power of the whole Pine Manor College community and its many off-campus partners in what is truly a borderless learning environment focused on one outcome: student success.


What Do We Value?

Rigor: We provide an education that is designed to positively challenge each student.

Citizenship: We empower our students to be creative, critical, and collaborative problem-solving citizens of their local and global communities.

Mentoring Relationships: We foster transformational educational experiences through strong learning relationships on and off campus.

Student Support: We work with our students in and out of the classroom in ways that are both supportive and challenging.

Community Inclusivity: We offer students the opportunity to study, live, and grow within a small community of learners representing significant cultural and socioeconomic diversity.

Readiness for Life & Career: We create lifelong learners with specific skills, marketable tools, and the confidence and self-knowledge to find meaningful work and further educational experiences.