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Strategic Plan

Pine Manor College Strategic Plan Framework, 2017 – 2022

Approved by the Board of Trustees, on May 13, 2017


Overarching Objectives

  • To increase student success and graduation rates
  • To continue to build and advance the PMC community
  • To be the place where a diverse mix of talented people want to come, to stay and do their best work
  • To further a culture of social justice and responsibility
  • To become a fully sustainable institution


The Mission of Pine Manor College

The mission of Pine Manor College is to make certain that all graduates are prepared to take meaningful steps in their lives: engaging in new jobs and careers, continuing to learn, and positively contributing to their communities. Students, including those who are the first in their families to attend college, who are looking for a purposeful education in a personalized and inclusive learning community will find a home at Pine Manor College.


What Makes Pine Manor College Different?

We offer our students an intentionally individualized education and tailor our programs to meet them where they are. The idea that learning happens one student at a time is woven into our fabric, along with a strong commitment to community building.

Diversity and inclusion are our strengths. Students learn from a wide range of instructors, mentors, and advisors, as well as from each other. Together, we have found ways to harness the power of the whole Pine Manor College community and its many off-campus partners in what is truly a borderless learning environment focused on one outcome: student success.


What Do We Value?

Rigor: We provide an education that is designed to positively challenge each student.

Citizenship: We empower our students to be creative, critical, and collaborative problem-solving citizens of their local and global communities.

Mentoring Relationships: We foster transformational educational experiences through strong learning relationships on and off campus.

Student Support: We work with our students in and out of the classroom in ways that are both supportive and challenging.

Community Inclusivity: We offer students the opportunity to study, live, and grow within a small community of learners representing significant cultural and socioeconomic diversity.

Readiness for Life Career: We create lifelong learners with specific skills, marketable tools, and the confidence and self-knowledge to find meaningful work and further educational experiences.


Strategic Goals and High-Level Strategies


Goal 1: Student Success through Career-Informed Academics and Support, Collaborative Learning, and Student Empowerment

Create a collaborative learning environment driven by an applied liberal arts curriculum, strong academic support, and a wide variety of opportunities for self-driven and hands-on education.

High-Level Strategies:

  • Academic Rigor and Support: Continue to build high quality academic programs and include individualized academic supports that enable our students to develop key competencies that embody the skills and knowledge that are needed in today’s workforce.
  • Student Agency and Academic Success: Make the learning experience more flexible so that all students, at all levels and learning styles, can take control of their own academic success.
  • Service Learning, Experiential Learning, and Internships: Increase opportunities for service learning, experiential learning, and internships so that every student can participate every year.
  • Program Growth: Increase on- and off-campus undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education opportunities in collaboration with long-term partners.


Goal 2: Student Success through a Robust, Supportive, and Inclusive Community

Build a strong, unified community with a vibrant student life and a borderless approach to student support and learning.

High-Level Strategies

  • Integrated Student Support: Create a robust array of student support services that draw on the assets of the whole PMC campus community and its partners.
  • Student Engagement: In collaboration with students, develop a wide variety of options for campus-wide engagement and community building.
  • Health and Wellness: Make student health and wellness a top priority at PMC.
  • Community and Accountability: Ensure that high community standards and accountability are hallmarks of PMC.
  • Athletics: Continue to build a vibrant PMC athletics program that strengthens the student experience, is aligned with the institution’s mission, and contributes to whole-student success.
  • International: Launch an International Initiative that provides an integrated support system for on-campus international students, more robust ELI offerings for on- and off-campus individuals, and enhanced opportunities for all PMC students to connect with the broader global community.
  • Cross-Campus Collaboration: Integrate systems of connectivity that cross departments, offices, and programs, to enable greater communication and collaboration throughout PMC.


Goal 3: Student Success through Strong Reciprocal Partnerships

Build and strengthen long-term partnerships that promote student access, opportunity, and success.

High-Level Strategies

  • Recruitment Partnerships: Increase collaboration with high school counselors and other college access professionals to broaden awareness about the value of a PMC education.
  • Internship and Service Learning Partnerships: Strengthen and develop partnerships that are focused on internships and service learning, and are linked to all curricular and co-curricular subject areas.
  • Student Support Partnerships: Develop partnerships with a select group of off-campus community organizations that have the resources to meet the needs of our students while at PMC and beyond.
  • Alumnae/Alumni Partnerships: Further engage alumnae/i as they contribute to the students and future of Pine Manor College through “time, talent, and treasure.”
  • Technology Partnerships: Develop partnerships to facilitate successful integration of new technologies into curricular, co-curricular, and administrative areas.
  • Health and Wellness Partnerships: Develop partnerships that support and strengthen a variety of high-quality health and wellness services on campus.
  • Higher Education Partnerships: Further develop articulation agreements and collaborate with educational institutions, including graduate and professional schools, to extend our students’ educational and career pathways.


Goal 4: Student Success through Institutional Sustainability and Capacity Building

Build PMC’s financial, physical, technological, and human resources, as well as its governance systems, in order to meet our mission and ensure a strong future for Pine Manor College.

High-Level Strategies

  • People Development: Through strong professional development and outreach, continue to build and attract a diverse, talented, and appropriately compensated PMC faculty and staff.
  • Finances: Develop and implement a financial plan that supports the goals of the strategic plan, and that includes increased fundraising capacity and innovative models for financing the education of students.
  • Facilities: Develop and implement a comprehensive facilities plan — with short, medium, and long-range recommendations — that brings PMC facilities up to 21st century standards and focuses on collaborative living and learning environments.
  • Technology: Orchestrate a phased approach to upgrading technology systems and equipment in operations, learning spaces, and living spaces in support of curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • Admissions and Recruitment: Implement a growth oriented admissions and recruitment approach that will help the College meet its desire for greater diversity, access, and financial sustainability.
  • Governance: Continue to evolve the Board of Trustees into a strong body of leaders and ambassadors for PMC as it moves forward.
  • Communication and Reach: Enhance external communication and, by partnering with alumnae/i and others, significantly improve our ability to tell the PMC story.