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Pine Manor College was originally established as a post-secondary division of Dana Hall School in Wellesley in 1911 by the late Helen Temple Cooke, a pioneer dedicated to preparing women for successful lives. Today, the College offers bachelor’s and associate’s degrees, as well as a Master of Fine Arts degree. Its evolution has been one of planned growth linked to the evolution of expanding opportunities for women.

In 1930, the College received a charter as an independent junior college and in 1959 gained the right to confer the degrees of Associate in Arts and Associate in Science. Pine Manor Junior College became a separate corporation in 1962 and in 1965 moved from the Wellesley campus to its beautiful 60-acre campus in Chestnut Hill, five miles west of Boston.

In 1977, the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education authorized the College to expand its mission, confer the Bachelor of Arts degree in the humanities and social sciences, and to change its name to Pine Manor College. In 1994, the charter was further expanded to include the Bachelor of Arts in Biology. Today, the College offers nine majors at the baccalaureate level, each of which is structured to include a core plus several optional concentrations. Minors in 30 fields make it possible for each student to design their program to meet their specific career goals. The Pine Manor College internship program, fully implemented in 1975 as one of the first of its kind in the country, combines academic components, faculty sponsorship, and concurrent seminars with both exploratory internship experiences and the senior internship in the major field.

Through the leadership of dedicated presidents like Rosemary Ashby (1976-1996), Frederick Carlos Ferry, Jr. (1956-1974), Alfred Tuxbury Hill (1952-1955) and Marie Warren Potter (1930-1952), Pine Manor College has maintained its finest traditions while continually reinterpreting its goals and revising its programs to meet the changing needs of its students.