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PMC’s strong liberal arts tradition prepares students not only for their careers but also for their lives! The College combines a liberal arts education with broad offerings of academic programs. We emphasize the importance of learning outside as well as inside the classroom by incorporating internships, service learning projects, and community-based research. Each major program requires completion of a one-semester senior internship (16 hours per week). These internships have been most successful in helping students to secure entry-level positions in their chosen field. Some students use the internship as a platform for further post-graduate study. Furthermore, the College has ongoing relationships with institutions in the Boston area that facilitate student entry into internships and postgraduate employment and/or education.  Individualized student portfolios document skills such as effective communication, critical thinking, collaboration, citizenship, and integrated and applied learning, that will be invaluable for our students in their workplaces, families, and communities.

Degrees Offered

Pine Manor College offers the Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) degree, the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree, the Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree, and the Associate in Science (A.S.) degree.

Learning Environment

Competency-based learning, interactive teaching, mentoring, and academic support provide individual attention and opportunities for independent growth and leadership at Pine Manor College. PMC’s co-curricular approach connects theory with practice through and innovative leadership program, internship placement, and extracurricular activities.

Academic Resources

  • The Annenberg Library is part of a forty-two-library consortium giving students greater resources.
  • The Brown Learning Resource Center provides a wide array of academic support services for students.
  • The Career Development Center assists students in determining career and educational goals and coordinates activities related to individual career exploration and coordinates activities related to individual career exploration and development.

Class Size

During the Fall 2017 semester, 85% of PMC classes have fewer than 25 students.

Academic Calendar

PMC’s academic calendar is semester based, with the fall semester starting in September and ending in December and the spring semester starting in January and ending in May. Two optional summer sessions are also offered.


Fifty-five full and part-time faculty members teach at Pine Manor College. 95% of full-time faculty hold the highest degree in their field. 79% of full-time faculty are women.

Educational Memberships and Affiliations