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Associate Degree Requirements

Students may receive an Associate Degree in Liberal Studies, for those interested in exploring a variety of subjects, or in one of several specialized fields of study. Each concentration has its own specific course requirements that must be fulfilled.

To receive an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Science degree, a student must complete a minimum of 64 semester hours of credit, with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0. Students may apply a maximum of 32 transfer credits toward the A.A. degree. Candidates for the A.A. and A.S. degrees also must meet the following degree requirements:

Associate Degree:  For students entering Fall 2016 and later

  • Completion of at least one course from the list of approved, designated courses, in each of the five Areas of Learning.  At least three of the five courses must be a Signature Course (see BA Degree Requirements for description and list).

For students entering PMC BEFORE FALL 2016

  • Portfolio Learning Outcomes:  Every Associate degree student must present a portfolio at the end of her second year in which she demonstrates achievement with regard to the College’s Learning Outcomes. The Associate degree student should present a portfolio demonstrating reflection and examples of learning in four areas; two reflections must be on Effective Written Communication and Critical Thinking; the remaining two may address any of the outcomes related to the College mission.  The Sophomore Portfolio is no longer a graduation requirement for students beginning in Fall 2014 and later.
  • Breadth of Knowledge: Four of the courses completed for the Associates degree must represent learning in four of the five areas of learning (Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural and Behavioral Sciences, Arts and Communication, and Interdisciplinary).
  • College Composition: Every student must complete the College Composition requirements with a passing grade (C or higher) in courses taken at Pine Manor College, accepted in transfer, or by the demonstration of achievement through a portfolio of writing.
  • Quantitative Reasoning: Students are required to demonstrate competence in Quantitative Reasoning through the college assessment process or successful completion of a designated QR course.