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Community Health Courses

CHC 100
Introduction to Community Health
This course is designed to introduce the basic concepts of community health, including education, diversity, demography, and epidemiology as they apply to individuals in a given community over the life span. Students use, interpret, and analyze a variety of demographic and epidemiological information as they impact a given community. It is anticipated that students will work with communities in the Greater Boston area. Fall.
Group: II or IDS

CHC 200
Healthcare Policy
Healthcare Policy provides an introduction to the political, social, and economic aspects of the healthcare system. The course will explore such topics as: How do corporations and insurance companies shape the healthcare provided? What are the roles of government in addressing healthcare needs of the community and the nation? How do medicine and science shape health policy? Who pays, and who benefits under varying healthcare reform proposals? Offered Spring semester in alternate years.
Prerequisite: CHC 100, SPS 101 or permission. Group: II.

CHC 490
Senior Project in Community Health
The capstone project of the Community Health major is a significant independent project designed to bring together the student’s learning and experiences. Projects address an important topic in community health. They may be completed with a community partner, or in response to a community need. The project will demonstrate the student’s mastery of the learning goals of the major, including the core skills of the community health profession – analysis, advocacy and assurance. Spring.
Prerequisites: Senior Status. Group: II.

CHC 495
Senior Internship
For 6 course credits, each student works 16 hours per week at a site chosen with regard to career intentions and the content of the Community Health Program. Students keep a journal to examine experiences and their relationship to the program. Interns meet weekly to discuss common problems, experiences, and individual perceptions. Additional written assignments complement the discussions. Fall.
Prerequisite: Senior status

KIN 101
Introduction to Exercise and Sports Science
This introductory course is a survey of the discipline of kinesiology, including knowledge derived from performing physical activity, studying about physical activity, and professional practice centered in physical activity.  Students will study fundamental concepts associated in each area of kinesiology and explore those concepts within research and applied contexts. Students will have the opportunity to explore professional career opportunities in teaching, coaching, athletic training, sport management, fitness leadership, and health/wellness.

KIN 102
Introduction to Exercise and Sports Science II
Course provides an introduction and overview of exercise science as it relates to personal wellness and exercise programming. Course covers basic concepts, components, and skills of lifetime personal wellness and physical activity. Students will obtain the knowledge and skills to developed and evaluate safe and effective exercise programs. Emphasis is placed on behavior change through active participation in exercise experiences such as yoga, strength training, cardiovascular training, and more. Prerequisite:  KIN 101.