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Dance Courses

Two-credit dance technique courses may be repeated for credit with permission of the instructor. A pair of related 2-credit courses may be considered for degree requirements as a 4-credit unit upon completion of the second course.

DA 100
Pine Manor Dance Ensemble (1 credit)
The Dance Ensemble gives the highly creative student body an avenue for presenting their dance skills in performance. Faculty, students, and guest artists choreograph for the Ensemble. The Ensemble presents a variety of dance styles, including jazz, modern, ballet, and hip-hop. Fall and Spring.  Prerequisite: Audition or permission.

DA 101
Contemporary Dance I (2 credits) Introduces basic concepts of alignment and movement. Combines beginning technique and creative work with an emphasis on developing body discipline and enjoyment of movement. Fall.   Group: IV.**

DA 102
Contemporary Dance II (2 credits)
Continuation of DA 101 to strengthen and refine technique. Further develops rhythmic and musical sensitivity, fosters freedom and fullness of movement, encourages creative work and appropriate risk taking. Spring.  Group: IV.**

DA 111
Ballet I (2 credits)
Introduction to classical ballet technique: basic ballet vocabulary, including barre work and center practice, as well as stretching and strengthening floor exercises.Offered Fall in alternate years.   Group: IV.**

DA 112
Ballet II (2 credits)
Continuation of Ballet I, barre and floor work geared to the more experienced dancer. Emphasis on musicality, technical growth, and increased facility in combinations. Offered Spring in alternate years. Group: IV.**

DA 115
Yoga (2 credits)
Yoga is intended to help both the dance student and non-dancer develop a calm and meditative focus while strengthening his/her body.  Yoga builds core strength while encouraging gentle but effective stretching of the limbs.  It increases circulation, reduces stress and has tremendous benefits for overall mind and body health.   This course will be taught with a sequential building of the Yoga Asanas within the context of a Vinyasa (breath) flow so that the meditation aspect of our practice is built into the relaxation that results from the challenging of the body with a Core Power and Stretch Sequencing. Throughout the semester, students will keep a journal of their experience in the practice and the effect it has on their daily life, particularly their academic life.  Group:  IV**

DA 123
Choreography (2 credits)
This class introduces you to the fundamental skills you need to begin making your own dances. Learn about how use of stage space, level changes and varying movement dynamics affect the look of a choreographed piece.  While there will be opportunity to work in your favorite style of dance, we will begin by learning about principles of modern and contemporary dance choreography because they establish a strong foundation. You will develop a creative voice, musicality and freedom of expression. This class can be substituted for Ballet II in the Dance Minor Requirement. While some dance experience is preferred, you may be able to take this class with the instructor’s permission.  Group: IV.**

DA 124
Self Defense and the Moving Art of Kung Fu (2 credits)
Self Defense and the Moving Art of Kung Fu is designed to teach practical self-defense movements along with movement forms from the martial arts. Self-defense movements teach basic safety and easy escape-from holds, while martial arts movement forms emphasize and develop both strength and fluidity in movement. Course material develops memory and concentration. Group: IV.**

DA 225
Jazz Dance I (2 credits)
Presents basic jazz dance vocabulary and technique, drawing from a variety of influences: hip-hop, classical, lyrical, theatrical styles, Giordano, Horton, and Luigi techniques. Combinations are high-energy and rhythmical, with emphasis on proper technique and alignment to achieve freedom of movement.  Offered Fall in alternate years. Group: IV.**

DA 226
Jazz Dance II (2 credits)
This course further develops technique and style introduced in Jazz Dance I, with more intricate combinations and complex rhythms. As in Jazz Dance I, focus is on a variety of jazz dance styles, including hip-hop, video, classical, and lyrical jazz. Offered Spring in alternate years.  Group: IV.**

DA 228
Multicultural Dance (2 credits)
Multicultural Dance focuses on the theory, practice and performance of American, Latin American and African-American dance styles.  Styles we will cover in this course may include, but are not limited to Afro-Jazz, African, Haitian, Afro-Cuban, Jazz Swing, Salsa and Hip Hop. While there will be some discussion of the history of each dance style, the majority of tie will be spent practicing dance technique and choreography.  You will become familiar with the basic movements, vocabulary, music and rhythms particular to each style, improve basic body conditioning and movement coordination and memory, musicality and rhythm.  Group: IV.**

DA 230
Hip Hop Dance (2 credits)
This class teaches various hip-hop techniques, primarily poppin’ and lockin’, wavin’, steppin’, stompin’, krumping, video-influenced style, top rocking, and basic breakin’ floor work. The warm-up includes stretching and body conditioning exercises. Routines are designed to incorporate the styles practiced in the warm-up. While this course is primarily a dance technique class, the course will include discussion of the history of hip-hop, including how the emergence of “gangsta rap” influenced the dance by promoting images of misogyny and violence. This class will promote positive images of women through this popular dance form. Fall.   Group: IV.**

DA 260
Dance in America (4 credits)
Surveys the evolution of theatrical dance in America through readings, films, videos, and attendance at dance performances. Emphasizes the development of uniquely American styles—modern, jazz, tap, hip-hop and dance in the musical—as well as the Americanization of ballet. Group: IV; Arts Literature Thematic Area Course.

DA 280
Techniques in Dance I (2 credits)
This course gives students the opportunity to experience techniques in a range of dance styles: Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, African and Ballet. Through a variety of exercises, combinations, and repertory, students will learn basics, improve body conditioning and develop an understanding of the principles of alignment and movement common to these styles. Offered Fall in alternate years.  Group: IV.**

DA 281
Techniques in Dance II (2 credits)
This course is a continuation of Techniques in Dance I and gives students the opportunity to further develop techniques in a range of styles: Jazz, Modern, Hip Hop, African and Ballet. Through a variety of exercises, combinations, and repertory, students refine their dance skills, improve body conditioning and further develop an understanding of the principles of alignment and movement common to these styles. Offered Spring in alternate years.  Group: IV.**

**Students may satisfy one Group IV requirement with any of the following 2-credit dance course sequences: DA 101–102 or DA 111–112 or DA 225–226 or DA 280–281.