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French Courses

FR 101
Elementary French I
A basic foundation in grammar with intensive oral exercises and interactive activities. Appropriate software, videos, films, and laboratory exercises emphasize oral/aural proficiency. Open to students who have had no French. Fall. Group: I.

FR 102
Elementary French II
Continued emphasis on the development of communication skills (oral, aural, and written). The study of short texts introduces the language, life, and customs of France and francophone countries. Spring.
Prerequisite: French 101 or the equivalent. Group: I.

FR 201
Intermediate French I
Achieve oral/aural proficiency through a review of grammar, computerized language assignments, and also the reading and discussion of short texts by francophone writers. Laboratory sessions with appropriate software, tapes, videos, and films facilitate easy communication. Fall.
Prerequisite: FR 101, FR 102, or equivalent. Group: I.

FR 202
Intermediate French II
Written and oral expression through the study of cultural and literary texts by contemporary writers. Selected grammatical constructions and idiomatic expressions add meaningful dimension to language. Laboratory work includes computerized grammar, student recordings, and oral/aural exercises. Spring.
Prerequisite: FR 201 or equivalent.
Group: I.

FR 208
The Sounds of French: A Pronunciation Marathon (2 credits)
Within the context of short prose texts, poetry, and one-act plays, a study of simple French vowel sounds and basic intonation enhances oral expression and aural comprehension. This course is suitable for students with some knowledge of French who are eager to improve pronunciation and oral/aural skills. Offered selectively.
Prerequisite: FR 101 or permission. This course may not be repeated. Group: I.

FR 245
Women’s Voices from France and Francophone Countries
Women’s voices are beginning to take on new importance in the world, after centuries of traditional silence. The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the thoughts, concerns, and talents of women like Colette, Simone de Beauvoir, Marguerite Duras, Annie Ernaux from France, Mariama Ba from Senegal, Assia Djebar from Algeria, Marie Claire Blais from Canada, and Maryse Conde from Guadeloupe. Offered selectively.
Prerequisite: FR 202 or FR 211, or permission. Students from francophone countries welcome. Group: I.

Courses offered selectively:
FR 106/206 Language and Culture in France’s Chateaux Country
FR 204 French for Spoken Communication
FR 211 Contemporary France
FR 220 Truth of Love, Love of Truth in French Literature and Cinema
FR 248 Masterpieces of the French Short Story
FR 250 French Literature of the Twentieth Century
FR 259 Great Epochs of French Drama
FR 284 French for the Professions
FR 330 Poetic Inspiration: “Sonnet à Hélène” to “La Jolie Rousse”