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IN 195
Exploratory Internship (2 credits)
This 2-credit exploratory internship provides the student with the opportunity to investigate a field of work or career area. The internship must include an academic component and a total of 90 hours, between academic work, faculty engagement and supervised on-site hours. Students must submit written proposals outlining their internship one month prior to the start of the experience. Proposals need the approval of the Faculty Sponsor. Copies should be sent to the Director of Career Development.  Scheduled as appropriate.

IN 295
Exploratory Internship (4 credits)
An exploratory-level internship that provides an introduction to a field, that links academic studies with the world of work. The student spends a minimum of 8 hours per week (96 on site work hours) for a semester on-site with a work supervisor and participates in a regularly scheduled seminar. Fall, Spring, and Summer. In certain circumstances, local summer internships may be available. Consultation with Dean of the College and the Director of Career Development is required by April 30.
Prerequisite: Satisfactory completion of the first semester of the first year and approval from the Faculty Sponsor and the Director of Career Development.

IN 495
Senior Internships (6 credits)
Required senior internships (495) are offered within each major. See appropriate major for specific information. 192 on site work hours.

IDS 495
Senior Internship for Double Majors (6 or 8 credits)
This is a special internship designation for students completing the requirements for two majors simultaneously. A student completing a double major must find an internship site that satisfies the learning objectives of each major. The student is required to complete obligations to the site as would be done for a single major internship—sixteen hours per week for twelve weeks. In addition, attendance in at least one  internship seminar is mandatory and completion of the work requirements of the seminar(s) is required. A student may take one interdisciplinary seminar for 6 credits (2 for the seminar and 4 for the internship) or, if available, two discipline specific seminars for 8 credits.  Offered as needed. Prerequisite: Senior status and approval by faculty in both majors.

CORI Policy

Students seeking internships, experiential learning experiences, practicums, or observations in certain placement settings will be required to complete a criminal records check and/or agree to be subject to drug/alcohol screening and/or fingerprinting (for students who plan to work with a population under 18) prior to participation in the internship or educational experience. Please see the full CORI policy here.