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Mathematics Courses

Courses designated “QR” satisfy the College requirement in Quantitative Reasoning.

MA 102
Quantitative Reasoning:  Special Topics
This special topics course fulfills the quantitative reasoning requirement and emphasizes problem-solving and real-world applications. Specific topics of focus may change and might include such themes as sports, art/patterns, community issues, and more. Mathematical concepts involved in this course include basic skills review, probability/statistics, financial literacy, and the study of such functions as linear, quadratic, and exponential. QR. Prerequisites: None.

MA 103
Geometry and Measurement
This course includes the study of measurement, lines, planes, angles, triangles, circles, polygons, and three dimensional objects. Emphasis is placed on utilizing intuitive geometric reasoning, visualization techniques, and practical applications. Deductive and inductive reasoning will be utilized, and an understanding of proof and logic is developed. Students will have the opportunity to engage in geometric construction using straightedges, compasses, and protractors. This course fulfills the Pine Manor College quantitative reasoning requirement. QR Fall and Spring.

MA 105
Data Matters
Do you buy lottery tickets? How likely are you to win? Is it true that the life expectancy in poor countries could be increased by giving televisions to the citizens of the countries? This course will prepare students to understand, present and assess statistical information, and to become critical and capable consumers of everyday statistics found in the news and in a variety of disciplines. Students who have completed MA 205 (Introduction to Statistics) may not enroll in MA 105. MA 105 will not replace MA 205 or BI 289 as a required course in the B.S. in Biology. Successful completion of this course fulfills the Pine Manor College quantitative reasoning requirement. Offered selectively.  QR

MA 108
College Algebra
This course includes the study of polynomial and rational expressions, radicals, systems of equations, quadratics, and functions. Emphasis is placed on problem-solving using algebraic techniques and practical applications. This course fulfills the Pine Manor College quantitative reasoning requirement. Fall. Prerequisite: MA 102 or placement. Group: III. and QR.

MA 110
In this course, students explore the basic concept of functions and relations. Topics covered include the properties and graphs of linear, quadratic, polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions. This course is strongly recommended for students planning to major in education or science. Spring .
Prerequisite: MA 108 or permission. Group: III and QR.

MA 115
Calculus I
Students are introduced to the concepts of limits, continuity, differentiation of algebraic and trigonometric functions. The discussion of each of these topics includes the practical application of the mathematical concepts studied. Students have the opportunity to use graphing calculators to help create models and make reasonable predictions. Fall. Prerequisite: Grade of C or higher in MA 110 or permission of Math Program Coordinator. Group: III and QR

MA 116
Calculus II
Methods of integration are introduced. Other topics include differentiation and integration of inverse trigonometric, exponential, and logarithmic functions and improper integrals. Spring.
Prerequisite: MA 115 or permission. Group: III. And QR

MA 123
A World of Patterns: Mathematics in Nature and the Arts
In this interdisciplinary course, the student examines the connections between the underlying scientific principles of number, ratio, and pattern in nature and how humans have employed them in a variety of ways. This course bridges the study of number, ratio, and pattern with the functional and symbolic numerical relationships underlying art, architecture, music, philosophy, religion, and science. Successful completion of this course fulfills the Pine Manor College quantitative reasoning requirement. Offered selectively. Group: IDS. QR

MA 125
Mathematical Problem Solving (2 credits)
Has typical school math left you disinterested in the topic?  This course may be for you! In this class you will be working alone and with classmates to solve open-ended problems in various ways.  We will share our solution methods with each other and compare them. Offered selectively. QR if taken With MA130.

MA 130
Money Matters:  Financial Literacy (2 credits)
Not sure how to make your money work for you? In this class, we will work on important financial skills like budgeting, investing, paying taxes, understanding your paycheck (deductions), and deciding whether to take on debt and thinking about how to manage it. Offered selectively.  QR if taken WITH MA 125.

MA 205
Introduction to Statistics
The fundamentals of descriptive and inferential statistics, including the normal distribution, sampling distributions, estimation, hypothesis testing, analysis of variance, chi-square tests, and linear correlation and regression. Students learn to use statistical software. Each student completes an independent project involving the collection, presentation, and analysis of data. Offered selectively.
Prerequisite: Sophomore standing and MA 102 or equivalent, or permission. Group: III and QR.

MA 230
Discrete Mathematics
This course examines the structure and properties of finite sets, which has applications in computer science and engineering, but is open to all majors.  A primary goal is to introduce non-mathematicians to abstraction and rigor in mathematics by emphasizing the methods and styles of mathematical proofs. In particular, this class is meant to introduce logic, proofs, sets, relations, functions, counting, and probability, graphs and trees, algorithms, and modular arithmetic.   Prerequisite(s):  None