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Philosophy Courses

PH 202
Philosophical Perspectives
Examination of differing traditional and contemporary views of such basic philosophical problems as: What can we know? Are moral judgments relative? Is human behavior free? Emphasis on analysis of differing arguments, thus encouraging students to develop a capacity for philosophical reasoning. Prerequisite:  Junior or Senior status.  Group: I.  Ideas 2 SIGNATURE course.

PH 241
Personal and Professional Ethics
After a brief introduction to basic theoretical perspectives in ethics, students identify, analyze and discuss various ethical perplexities that arise in personal and professional life.
Group: I.

PH 261
Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
This course introduces students to the ethical dimensions of managerial decision-making by exploring such concepts as stakeholder theory, social justice, and human rights. Offered Selectively. Group: I.

Courses offered selectively:
PH 105 Language, Logic, and Reasoning
PH 211 Ethical Theory
PH 214 Social and Political Philosophy