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Service Learning Courses

At Pine Manor, service-learning (s-l) is defined as “a method of teaching and learning that incorporates the principles of inclusive leadership and social responsibility by bringing students and community partners together to respond to an identified need of a community. Students learn and develop through thoughtfully organized service that: helps foster civic responsibility, is integrated into and enhances the academic curriculum of the course, and includes structured time for students to reflect on the service experience [adapted from the AmeriCorps*VISTA definition].”

Courses in which students participate in service-learning projects are designated with “(S-L)” in the course listing, received through a faculty-approved application process. Students who take a course with this designation can expect to: work closely with a community partner to help them meet an identified need of the community, engage in at least 12 hours of service over the course of the semester, reflect on the learning that takes place within their service and its connection to the course material, and be graded on their service work in a way that accounts for at least 20% of their overall grade in the course. (For courses with the “(S-L)” designation, ALL students in that course are required to participate in the service-learning project. In some courses, students are highly encouraged to participate in a service-learning project, but are not required. Those courses will be identified with the “(S-L option)” designation.)

We believe that service-learning is an excellent opportunity for students to apply their learning in a meaningful way that benefits the greater community. While engaged in service-learning activities, students develop skills that are highly transferable to the workplace, such as working effectively as a team, communicating and collaborating with community partners in a professional setting, setting goals and developing action plans to make positive changes, and assessing outcomes as they address a need in the community.

Courses Currently Designated for Service Learning

S-L designation:

AH 235, Latin American Art
PY 340, Research Design and Applied Statistics
PY 341, Community-Based Research Practicum and Applied Statistics
SPS 150, Peace and Conflict
IDS 200, Inclusive Leadership and Social Responsibility
IDS 202, Mentoring Practicum

S-L option designation:

PY 234, Cross-Cultural Psychology