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Spanish Courses

SP 101
Elementary Spanish I
Emphasis is on communication in the language while the principles of grammatical structure are introduced. Open to students who have had no Spanish. Fall. Group: I.

SP 102
Elementary Spanish II
Continued emphasis on oral communication and language structure through various interactive activities. Spring. Prerequisite: SP 101 or equivalent. Group: I.

SP 200
Spanish for the Professions
This course emphasizes basic grammatical and conversational structures, as well as selected vocabulary used in professions, including business, medicine, and social services. Focus on professional area may shift according to student interest. A basic knowledge of Spanish is assumed, although the main forms and structures are reviewed. Offered selectively. Prerequisite: SP 102 or permission. Group: I.

SP 201
Intermediate Spanish I
Stresses intensive grammar review, with emphasis on vocabulary development for oral and written expression. Readings and Spanish-language videos on contemporary issues, as well as life and culture in Hispanic countries, are a basis for conversation and writing. Fall.
Prerequisite: SP 102 or equivalent.
Group: I.

SP 202
Intermediate Spanish II
Continuing grammar review with increased emphasis on cultural aspects of contemporary Spain and Latin America through study of modern literary selections, journalism, and Spanish-language videos. Spring. Prerequisite: SP 201 or equivalent.
Group: I.