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Visual Arts Courses

All VA courses have a materials fee, which is added directly to a student’s bill. Materials will be distributed to students in class at the beginning of each semester.

VA 103
Images to Ideas
Visual literacy is the ability to understand and interpret ideas expressed through visual means, such as paintings, maps, photographs, charts, graphs, and symbols. This course will feature studio projects exploring the visual elements, along with readings, to enhance both creative and critical thinking skills. Fall. Group: IV  Arts Literature Thematic Course.

VA 110
Develops perceptual and manual skills necessary in responsive drawing. The major objective is the development of “seeing” in a way that can be translated into all forms of drawing. Explore line, shape, value, space, volume, composition, perspective and drawing’s expressive qualities using a variety of drawing media. Spring. Group: IV.

VA 115
An exploration of printmaking techniques such as collagraph, silkscreen, linoleum and wood cut, drypoint, intaglio, and monoprint. In addition to refining traditional skills, individual experimentation is encouraged. Spring, alternate years. Group: IV Arts Literature Thematic Course

VA 120
Design Fundamentals
Familiarizes students with theories of design and furnishes experience in the use of tools common to the visual arts professions. Uses elements of design, line, form, color, and typography to explore visual concepts such as composition, proportion, balance, and movement. This course is an entry-level course and is recommended for those planning to take VA 150 Introduction to Computer Graphics. Offered selectively. Group: IV

VA 140
Black and White Film Photography
Examines photographic visualization and communication through experimentation with camera control and darkroom techniques. Emphasizes opportunities for individual investigation and expression. Requires a 35 mm camera (with a few available for loan).  Not digital.  Group: IV

VA 150
Introduction to Graphic Design
Overview of the use of the Macintosh computer in such visual arts fields as illustration, photography, advertising layout, and graphic design. Explores design dynamics while teaching proficiency in such software programs as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop. Each student creates a digital portfolio of her work using the the adobe creative suite of programs.  Group: IV Arts Literature Thematic Course

VA 202
Various watercolor techniques and materials are explored. Students work from direct observation in the studio as well as abstractly to explore color relationships, composition, and the expressive qualities of the medium. Fall, alternate years.  Group: IV Arts Literature Thematic Course

VA 205
Oil Painting
Introduction to this most versatile of mediums, exploring basic concepts in color mixing and modeling forms, using still life, landscape, the portrait, and abstraction. Group: IV  Prerequisites:  Any drawing or painting class such as VA110, VA202, or VA299.

VA 210
Drawing II
This course provides opportunities for advanced study of drawing principles, building on the techniques and knowledge gained in VA 110. Spring.  Prerequisite: VA 110. Group: IV

VA 215
Printmaking II
This course provides opportunities for further study of printmaking, building on the techniques and knowledge gained in VA 115. Spring, alternate years. Prerequisite: VA 115. Group: IV

VA 225
Intensive exploration of color starting with the color wheel, with analysis of various color theories, including Itten and Albers. This course moves through experiments designed to sharpen perception and increase color sensitivity. Explores various color harmonies, as well as subjective, objective, and historical aspects of color. Spring, alternate years.
Prerequisite: a 100-level or above VA course, or permission. Group: IV

VA 226
Computer Graphics II
Concepts and techniques used in the graphic design profession are studied in this course. Emphasis is on developing skills and knowledge in typography, information design, illustration, layout, image manipulations, and color correction. Students will explore the creative use of the computer in design, production, and illustration. The course extends proficiency to include Adobe InDesign, and advanced uses of Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop. Students create digital portfolios of their work using Adobe Acrobat. Offered selectively.    Prerequisite: VA 150. Group: IV

VA 253/353
Digital Photography
This introductory course is an exploration of digital imaging for beginners, using Adobe Photoshop, scanners, digital cameras, and various output media. Using images produced with traditional and digital cameras, students investigate the diverse possibilities offered by computers and alternative photographic methods for developing imagery and ideas. No pre-requisite. Group: IV

VA 299
Special Topics in Art
Varying foci, such as photography, composition, landscape, color drawing, printmaking techniques, mixed media, portrait and figure, abstraction. Students may register for this course at a 200-level or a 300-level (with additional work at the advanced level). May be repeated for credit. May be prerequisite depending on topic. Offered selectively. Group: IV

VA 311
Drawing III
This course provides opportunities for developing more complex and sustained drawings, building on the techniques and knowledge gained in previous two drawing courses. Spring. Prerequisites: VA 110 and VA 210. Group: IV

VA 315
Printmaking III
This course provides opportunities for advanced study of printmaking, building on the techniques and knowledge gained in VA 115 and VA 215. Spring, alternate years. Prerequisites: VA 115 and VA 216. Group: IV

VA 355
Design for the World Wide Web
Students learn the industry standard program for Web page design and production. Topics include layout and content, Web-ready images, Web-safe color, navigation, and the principles of information design. Each student will create a personal Web page. Offered selectively.  Prerequisite: VA 150 or permission of instructor. Group: IV

VA 399
Special Topics in Art
For Course description please see VA 299

VA 495
Senior Internship (6 credits)
Provides student with first-hand experience in professional settings related to the student’s area of interest. At an appropriate site, student applies skills learned in Visual Arts courses as well as acquires new skills. Involves 16 hours per week on site, and a weekly seminar focused on career development. Spring. Prerequisite: Senior status and approval from the faculty sponsor and Director of Internship and Career Services.

VA 496
Senior Thesis Project
Students develop a single extended body of work (approximately 10–12) or research paper, depending on the studio arts or art history track, in her area of interest while attending a weekly class where peers and faculty provide support and critique. Fall. Prerequisite: Senior Status