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Learning Resource Center (LRC)

One of the most widely used student services on the Pine Manor College campus is the Brown Learning Resource Center (LRC), an academic support center open to all students. Staffed by professional full-time tutors, the LRC offers individual tutoring in writing, mathematics, reading, study skills, and time-management. In the warm, relaxed and supportive atmosphere of the LRC, students are able to discover previously untapped strengths, adjust to the new demands of the college environment, fill gaps in prior learning, and most of all, learn how to take charge of their own learning.

The Learning Resource Center also provides guidance, academic skills assistance, and test-taking accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Students with disabilities consult with the Director of the LRC about their need for accommodations.

Students and their parents are invited to visit the LRC during their campus visit or email with any questions they might have about academic support services or services for students with disabilities at Pine Manor College. The LRC has moved to the 2nd floor of the Ashby Campus Center, next to Accessibilities Services.

Scheduling Virtual Meetings

Students can make an appointment online (click here), email us directly, or drop-in to our virtual offices on Collaborate.

Sara-Anne Beaulieu (Writing),

Carol Berg (Writing),

Suzie Byun (Biology and Chemistry),

Beck Hing Lee (Business and Political Science),

 The LRC provides in-person and remote support for students. Remote support can be provided synchronously and asynchronously to accommodate students who are not living on campus or whose schedules do not coincide with regular operational hours.

In-person support will be available Monday-Friday (10AM-5PM) and Sundays (11AM-6PM)