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Internships Evaluation

Pine Manor College internships prepare students in careers in their major, while also building important lifelong career skills.

At Pine Manor College, we understand what competencies employers are looking for when hiring. They search for candidates that excel at thinking critically, communicating effectively, and being flexible and adaptable to new situations. That is why we conduct surveys and collect feedback about how are students are doing. And we can proudly say that they are doing very well.

Here are some highlighted results from our recent survey asking internship site supervisors to evaluate our students.

2019 Internship Supervisors on PMC Students:

Interns Evaluated as “Above Average” or “Excellent” in:

83% of Spring 2019 internship site supervisors rated their PMC intern (Biology, BAM, and SPS majors) as competent or accomplished in his/her academic program related outcomes Senior interns were evaluated as being above average or excellent in each of the college competencies below at the following percentages:

2019 Internship Sites by Major


  • Hebrew Rehabilitation Center/Newbridge (2)

Business and Management

  • CUSP by Neiman Marcus
  • Peabody Properties, Inc.
  • Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health

Community Health

  • La Source
  • Vinfen Corp.
  • Pine Manor College
  • Tufts Medical Center Professor

Early Childhood

  • JCC Greater Boston


  • PMC Solstice MFA Program
  • Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund


  • JCC Greater Boston
  • Sportsmen’s Tennis Enrichment Center
  • Planned Parenthood Advocacy Fund


  • Newton Police Department (3)
  • Norfolk District Attorney’s Office (2)
  • Roslindale Community Center
  • Brockton District Court Adult Probation

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