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Job Search Resources

Career Services Experiential Learning Center posts notices of job openings received from employers on the bulletin board outside the Center located on the 3rd floor of the Ferry Administration Building.

Job Search Strategies

Conducting an effective job search requires an action strategy – a plan for identifying and applying for jobs, for staying organized and on top of your search, and for keeping positive and focused. Listed below are several articles that offer advice on these topics.

1. Part-time and Summer Jobs

Here are a few resources for finding part-time and summer jobs:

2. Job Resources by Major or Career Interest

3. Websites for the Non-profit Sector Jobs

These websites provide information about non-profit job openings.

4. Job and Career Fairs

Career and job fairs provide an opportunity to meet a number of prospective employers at one time. Some job fairs are open to any industry, while others are targeted to a specific group of professions. Do your homework before you go – know what companies or organizations will be attending and what jobs they will be hiring for.

5. Websites for Non-Governmental Organizations

Non-governmental organizations are non-profits organizations that exclude governments from membership in order to prevent politics from influencing their mission. NGOs are located in a variety of countries and work on many different issues.

To learn more about NGOs go to:

6. Higher Education Institutions

HigherEdJobs is an excellent resource to finding jobs at institutions of higher education throughout the world.

7. Temp Agencies in Greater Boston

Consider working for a temporary employment agency while searching for a career opportunity. A few agencies in the Greater Boston Area are: