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My Career Story

Pine Manor College is dedicated to providing students with a liberal arts education, preparing them for today’s changing careers, and encouraging them to be leaders in their communities. Faculty and staff of the college eagerly follow and actively support the career paths and continuing growth of our graduates. After all, it is our graduates’ achievements that are the true testament of our college mission.

Pine Manor College was approved to become fully Co-Educational in September 2013, therefore all our alumni profiles in this section are of women. We look forward to introducing our male students as they graduate our programs.

Read our alumni career profiles, and learn how Pine Manor College helped them pave their paths.

Dorosella Kaluma ’11

Biology Major and National Science Foundation BioScholar

Master of Science in Pain Research Education and Policy, Tufts University School of Medicine

“Each student is prioritized and treated as a success story just waiting to break.”


Margaret (Peggie Sweeney) Krippendorf ‘96

Major in Business and Management,
Minor in Spanish

JD from New England
Law Boston

“Through Pine Manor I developed the confidence I needed to explore and find what I was truly interested in.”

Kara Pogue Kessel ’09

Psychology Major

Master of Arts in Psychology, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

“Pine Manor provides individualize education [that] helped me feel like I was important.”



Allysn Austin ’09

Biology Major

Master of Science in Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry, and Immunology, University of Cincinnati

“I was able to explore many of the options in the broad field of science.”

Johanne (Souffrant)
Watts ’09

Biology Major

BSN, Simmons College School of Nursing and Health Sciences

“The professors push students to think critically.”


Tamise Francois ’11

Psychology Major

Master of Arts in Psychology, Assumption College

“My professors allowed me to be myself and always supported me.”

Sera Godfrey ’02

Psychology Major

Boston University, Masters of Social Work with a Certificate in Advanced Group Work

“The emphasis on leadership and the creation of a portfolio were powerful for me.”


Katherine Henao ’14

Biology Major and National Science Foundation BioScholar

“From day one of my internship, I was reinforcing and using what I had learned in class.”

Courtney (Wallace)
Peterson ’10

Biology Major

“The support and connections of PMC’s biology department are responsible for where I am today.”


Glenn Grushko ’12

Psychology Major

“PMC provided me with a well rounded education that helped me gain multiple skills for the workplace.”

Heba Khurram ’14

Double Major in Biology and Community Health, 
Minor in Management and Organizational Change, 
Biotechnology Certificate

“Pine Manor’s liberal arts focus taught me how to utilize my critical thinking.”


Devon Govoni ’05

Double Major in Psychology and Visual Arts

Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a specialization in Art Therapy from Lesley University

“The faculty remained in contact with me beyond graduation.”

Elizabeth (Azu) Adjei ‘13

Biology Major

“PMC’s Liberal Arts foundation helped broaden my horizons.”


Teakia Brown ’07

Major in Social and Political Systems

“Pine Manor gave me the gift of possibilities.”

Ryanne Spann ’10

Biology Major

“I had always found science exciting, however, I hadn’t met anyone who was thoroughly enthusiastic until I met my PMC Biology professors.”


Jeselene Andrade ‘13

Community Health Major, Human Health Minor

“I was able to do two independent studies in foreign countries and a service learning project in Boston that allowed me to apply my knowledge and gain skills in the field.”

Daniela Ramirez ’13

Biology Major

“The Biology Program at Pine Manor provides the perfect foundation for career success in the biomedical sciences.”


Margaret Roberts ’13

Double Major in English and Psychology

“It stretches your imagination and prepares you for the changing future.”

Luz “Vanessa” Cintron ’10

Psychology Major

Master of Arts in Rehabilitation Counseling, Assumption College, 2013

“Pine Manor helped me think outside the box.”


Kate Holden ‘14

Double Major in English and Theatre

“Pine Manor¹s Liberal Arts focus was life changing”

Stephanie Crawford ’09

Major in Early Childhood: Education, Health and Leadership

“My liberal arts experiences at the college have enabled me to think about ideas from multiple perspectives.”


Tatiana Mendez ’15

Biology Major and National Science Foundation BioScholar

“Pine Manor has the right environment and the right faculty. It is not just a school, it is a family”

Ariana De Pina ’11

Psychology Major

Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling Psychology from Nova Southeastern University

“Pine Manor provided me with the guidance and attention I needed to figure out what my true goals were in life.”


Shakia Weaver ‘13

Community Health Major, Social and Political Systems Minor

“The course-based community projects and my internship at Pine Manor allowed me to work with people in the community and practice the skills I will need in my profession.”

Katherine Tavarez ’15

Biology Major and National Science Foundation BioScholar

“The biology professors didn’t just teach us what was on the syllabus, but they taught us about responsible professional behavior as well.”


Hannah Kaplan ’13

Major in Early Childhood Education, Health and Leadership

“I gained a lot of valuable experiences in the field of education through PMC’S Early Childhood Program senior internships and practicums.”

Tamara Sakala ‘14

Double Major in Psychology and Management Organizational Change

“The faculty went beyond textbooks to help me understand what I was learning.”


Christina Santos ’12

Major in Communication / Focus in Public Relations

“Once I entered into the work force, I was able to hit the ground running thanks to the communications department and its curriculum.”

Karm Syndia Augustin ‘13

Major in Communciation, Minor in Dance

“The liberal arts curriculum allowed me to explore my options, to develop my creativity and to become the person that I am today.”