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Internship Program

A valuable component of the Pine Manor College experience is the internship program. To provide opportunities to learn outside the classroom, internships are integrated throughout the curriculum. There are two levels of internships: Exploratory Internship (8-10 hours per week) and Senior Internship (16 hours per week). Students are encouraged to participate in at least one Exploratory Internship prior to the required Senior Internship.

Finding and applying for an internship:

The first step in finding an Internship is to set up a meeting with the Faculty Sponsor. The Faculty Sponsor develops the academic expectations and responsibilities, meets regularly with the student, establishes communications with the Site Supervisor, and visits the Internship site to evaluate the student’s performance.

It is recommended that a meeting be set up with The Director of Career Development at least two months prior to the desired Internship start date. Both of these individuals will be resources throughout the process of finding, applying and working successfully in the Internship.

Research potential internship positions utilizing sites such as, and, networking ,talking with your professors and meeting with the Career Development Office.

Complete the required Internship forms.

Internship Forms


Site Supervisor: