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Education Minor

Students interested in becoming teachers in the Commonwealth have a variety of options to progress towards a Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, Initial Teaching License. Pine Manor College provides students some introductory course work as a way to begin their exploration of education. If interested in pursuing teaching in Elementary or Secondary Education sometime in the future, or in graduate studies, a student will select a content area major (e.g. English), and then take a group of Education courses as a minor.

Students should take the following group of courses as a Minor in Education:

  • ED 102 Foundations of Education
  • ED 205 Teaching and Assessment of Language Acquisition, Reading, and Language Arts
  • CS/ED 206 Exploring Technology in the Classroom
  • ED 234 Teaching of Math and Science(placement)
  • ED 333 Special Education, Assessment, and the Inclusionary Classroom
  • ED 310 Curriculum Design: Methods and Materials in Instruction: This course will include a placement in your area of study.

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