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Women’s Studies Minor

Program Faculty

Hannah Baker-Siroty

Christopher Rivera

Professor Emerita

  • Melinda Ponder

Minor Requirements

  • IDS/WS 101 Defining Women: Landmark Issues in Women’s Studies

Four of the following:

  • AH 247 Taking Their Place: A History of American Women Artists
  • AH 303 Gender, Myth, and Power in Greek and Roman Art
  • BI 240 Biology of Women
  • CO 266 Women Filmmakers: The Reel Story
  • CO 280 Images of Women in the Media
  • EN 219 Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
  • EN 223 Bad Girls and Wild Women: Images of Female Transgressions in Literature
  • EN 226 Women’s Lives in Film and Fiction
  • EN 227 Images of Women in Drama: Plays Past and Present
  • EN 229 Children’s Literature: Female Images and Gender Roles
  • EN 235 Female Voices of Diversity: Studies in Contemporary Literature
  • EN 332 American Girls and New Women: American Literature, 1870-1930
  • HI 251 Women in European History
  • HI 252 Women in American History
  • IDS 229 Children’s Literature of the US: A Mirror of American Society
  • MU/WS 240 Women in Music
  • PS 231 Women in Politics
  • PS/WS 245 Women and the Law
  • PY 115 Psychology of Women
  • SO 310 Family in Society
  • WS 102 Womens’s Studies Practicum may be elected in addition to the five courses chosen from the above list.

An internship or a directed study may substitute for one of the courses listed above, subject to the approval of the Coordinator.

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