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A.A. Concentration in Child Care

In addition to the College’s general requirements for an Associate’s Degree, the Associates Degree in Early Childhood/Child Care at Pine Manor College is designed to prepare students for entry careers with children in a variety of diverse and inclusive settings: family day care, pre-school programs, school aged child care, and after school programs. The program is designed to provide students a repertoire of specialized skills. Students participate in the practical aspects of working with children through fieldwork in approved early childhood settings. Students learn developmentally appropriate practice and apply the child development theories that are integrated into every course. Students select electives from a variety of disciplines to ensure a well-rounded education. This program allows students to apply for a certificate of qualification from the Department of Early Education and Care.

Required courses:

  • ED 102 Foundations of Education
  • PY 216 Child Development – Theory and Observation
  • ECE 214 Curriculum, Environments and Program Planning for Infants and Toddlers
  • ECE/ED 215 Curriculum Methods, Management, and Program Planning for Early Childhood (with pre-practicum)
  • ECE 309 Health, Nutrition and the Safety of Young Children
  • ED/ECE 212 Picture Books: Literature for Young Children
  • ED/ECE 333 Special Education, Assessment and the Inclusionary Classroom
  • ECE/ED 395 Practicum in Child Care/Early Education and Care Student Teaching


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