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A.A. Concentration in English

In addition to the College’s general requirements for an Associate’s Degree, the A.A English the following courses are required:

  • EN 111 or EN 112
  • EN 203 and EN 232
  • Four other English courses that include at least one EN creative or professional writing course, one EN literature course, and two other English courses.
  • A portfolio presentation of student’s development as a writer in the Associates of Arts program

We strongly recommend that EN 299, Exploratory English internship, be one of the four courses chosen.

(The 200-level Literature courses can include IDS courses that are specifically designated substitutions for EN literature courses.)

This plan of study introduces students to the study of literature in foundational courses (EN 111 and EN 112) in which the study of a range of literary genres (Poetry, Fiction and Drama) are explored in terms of their historic and cultural contexts. In these courses, students develop and expand their ability to critically analyze and write about literature. They then apply those concepts and use those skills in intermediate (200) level literature courses.
Once they have finished the college-required two semesters of College Composition, in the second year of the AA EN program, they also develop their skills as creative and professional writers who can apply the principles and techniques of published writers in their own writing.
They will present their capstone portfolios to show their development as writers and critical reading while in the AA program.


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