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AA in Performing Arts

In addition to the College’s general requirements for an Associate’s Degree, the A.A. in Performing Arts encompasses Music, Dance, and Theatre, offering a variety of courses that teach skills useful for most all career paths, and presenting students with important outlets for creativity and expression as well as numerous performance opportunities. The Associate in Arts Degree in Performing Arts allows students to study the three disciplines together, providing a coherent learning experience. Courses in performance, technique, practice, history, literature, and theory impart appreciation and training. Directed studies in areas of interest are possible; an exploratory internship in one of the three fields is recommended.

Learning Outcomes of the Performing Arts Program

Students taking courses in the Performing Arts will be able to achieve many of the
following program outcomes as detailed in their course syylabi:
1. Develop a sense of the historical and cultural context of the Performing Arts.
2. Develop an understanding and appreciation of the Performing Arts through studying
representative examples.
3. Develop an understanding and appreciation of the Performing Arts through studio
work; engage in experiential learning through classroom exercises and activities.
4. Gain literacy within the Performing Arts (understanding, analysis, interpretation).
5. Learn how to collaborate productively on Performing Arts performances.
6. Develop an understanding of the creative process; participate in and experience its
7. Experience attending professional performances in the Performing Arts.
8. Cultivate understanding of how diverse or marginalized voices may be expressed and
empowered through the Performing Arts.
9. Develop familiarity with and facility in multiple Performing Arts genres.
10. Hone effective oral and written communication skills.
11. Expand critical thinking and analysis skills as they relate to the study and
interpretation of the Performing Arts.
12. Gain familiarity with the various professions and avenues of expression under the
umbrella of the Performing Arts.
13. Experience presenting creative work to an audience.

Course of study for the A.A. in Performing Arts

Two of the following:
MU 101 Introduction to Music
TH 104 Introduction to Theatre
DA 260 Dance in America

Any five additional courses in Dance (DA), Music (MU), and Theatre (TH), or the equivalent of 20 credit hours. A pair of related 2-credit dance technique courses may be considered as a 4-credit unit. TH 100 Performance in the Play, a 1-credit course, must be taken four times to qualify.

Students must complete at least one course in each of the three disciplines to qualify for the degree.

For Music Course Descriptions
For Theatre Course Descriptions
For Dance Course Descriptions

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