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A.S. Concentration in Biology

In addition to the College’s general requirements for an Associate’s Degree, the Biology concentration focuses on the study of living organizms and the nature of biological processes.

A.S Degree in Biology (7 courses)

Core: (5 courses)

  • BI101 Principles of Biology*
  • BI103 Cell Biology*
  • BI289 Biostatistics
  • CH110/120 Principles of Chemistry I*/II*

Electives: (2)

Choose 2 electives. Students who are planning to take a 300 level elective should speak to their advisors to discuss the specific course and to make sure prerequisites are in place.

200 Level Electives

  • CH200 Organic Chemistry I *
  • BI202 Evolution and Biodiversity
  • BI205 Anatomy and Physiology I*
  • BI206 Anatomy and Physiology II (BI205 Prerequisite)*
  • BI210 Introduction to Biomedical laboratory Sciences* (Metropolitan College of BU)
  • BI211 Protein Purification and Analysis* (Metropolitan College of BU; BI210 Prerequisite)
  • BI213 Techniques in Molecular Biology* (Metropolitan College of BU; BI210 Prerequisite)
  • BI254 Cell Culture Techniques* (Metropolitan College of BU; BI210 Prerequisite)
  • BI212 Environmental Issues: Global Problems, Local Solutions
  • BI225 Nutrition
  • BI240 The Biology of Women
  • BI250 The Biology of HIV/AIDS
  • BI275 Critical Issues in Genetics for Women
  • BI280 Ethical Issues in Science and Technology: America’s Moral Dilemmas
  • BI292 Introduction to Marine Mammals (Marine Studies Consortium)
  • BI294 Marine Biology (Marine Studies Consortium)

300 Level Electives

  • BI301 Advanced Cell Biology: Current Topics (Bi103 Prereq)
  • BI330 Microbiology and Human Infectious Diseases * (BI101 Prereq)
  • BI345 Psychopharmacology (BI101 Prereq)
  • BI360 Introduction to Epidemiology (BI289 Prereq)
  • CH301 Biochemistry of Macromolecules (CH200 Prereq)

Suggested Course Planning

(17 credits)BI103 or CH120, CCII, Group
(13 credits)YEAR II
BI101 or CH110, bio elective, Bi289, Group
17 creditsBi103 or CH120, bio elective, Group
13 credits

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