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NSF BioScholars Annual Luncheon

(Left to right) Senior Lauren Chase, Junior Rosalie Sinclair, Junior Shaniesha Williams, Senior Tatiana Mendez, Senior Joseline Mane, Senior Katharine Tavarez, Junior Majida Goummih

Annual Luncheon:

A group of passionate and proud faculty, staff and students came together to celebrate this past year’s achievements and reflect on a spectrum of experiences and knowledge gained through the NSF S-STEM BioScholar Grant. The students, all BioScholars in the program, reflected on their internships and networking opportunities. The exposure to a wide variety of career paths helped them discover areas they enjoyed (and sometimes areas they did not). All commented on the fact that the program opened their eyes and broaden their horizons to careers in STEM that may otherwise be foreign to them.

Professor Susan Bear shared her thoughts and plans for expanding and strengthening STEM studies at Pine Manor including new partnership ideas. She also encouraged the students to become active in bringing back their own networking connections to Pine Manor, and actively widen the professional opportunities available to their fellow Pine Manor friends.

Among the distinguished guests were Professor Elizabeth Gardner who was the first to bring the NSF grant to Pine Manor and is still the spirit and force behind the program today, and Mary Walsh, Pine Manor’s retired director of the Learning Resource Center, who provided valuable services to the BioScholar students and many others until her recent retirement in December 2014.

Pine Manor College BioScholars:

Senior Lauren Chase, Senior Tatiana Mendez, Senior Joseline Mane, Senior Jamie Northup, Senior Katharine Tavarez, Junior Jackie Oliveira Freitas, Junior Majida Goummih,  Junior Nataly Inoa, Junior Rosalie Sinclair, and Junior Shaniesha Williams.

Bioschlars internship sites include:

  • The Pathology Department, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  • Dr. Addy Alt-Holland’s Skin Cancer Research Lab, Tufts School of Dental Medicine
  • ReproSource Fertility,Clinical Laboratory for Fertility Specialists
  • Dr. Claire Moore’s Research Lab, Tufts Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences
  • PMC Office of Institutional Research

Congratulations to our BioScholars and the team of professors and support staff that nurture them.

About the NSF S-STEM BioScholar Grant

Pine Manor College is currently the recipient of NSF S-STEM funds awarded in May of 2012 to support two cohorts of students in the study of Biology. The current award is the second S-STEM fund awarded to the biology program, the first awarded I 2008. The current two cohorts will graduate in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Named BioScholars, the program provides scholarship funds, offers support services, and develops community among the College’s most promising science students. BioScholars participate in an honors sophomore colloquium, produce electronic portfolios and do their senior internships in a research environment. Previous and current BioScholars have interned in biotechnology labs, basic and applied research labs in biomedical science, and data management and analysis programs. Previous NSF BioScholars are pursuing a spectrum of STEM careers. Dr. Susan Bear, Professor of Biology, is the Principle Investigator of the Grant.