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Biology: Pathways to Science

A collaborative educational initiative between the graduate schools and medical school of Tufts University and Pine Manor.

Laura Liscum, Ph.D, (Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences), and Susan E. Bear, Ph.D. of the biology department at Pine Manor College, have teamed to create a unique offering to the students at Pine Manor. The undergraduate course Pathophysiology is team taught by students from Sackler, the Friedman School of Nutrition, and the Medical School. The course focuses on six diseases (osteoporosis, breast cancer, obesity, heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and asthma) from three distinct approaches: nutrition/public health, basic science/pathophysiology, clinical diagnosis and treatment. Classroom activities and a research paper assignment help students understand how the findings from research contribute to our understanding of the disease and to treatment options.

This course provides a unique opportunity for the graduate and medical students to communicate information effectively and to interact with undergraduate students. These students provide wonderful role models for the Pine Manor students which will help to stimulate the students’ interest in future careers in research and health care. The course has helped to establish research internship opportunities at Tufts for Pine Manor students.