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Biology: Tufts University “TEACRS”

A program with Tufts University graduate school professionals provides role models for our students

The Biology Program at Pine Manor College has partnered with a program at the Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Studies at Tufts University. This program, funded by money from the NIH is one of only 6 in the country that is committed to the training of biomedical research faculty to teach effectively in undergraduate classrooms, particularly those with a high enrollment of underrepresented minorities. The program, called TEACRS (Training in Education and Critical Research Skills Program) pairs post-doctoral students from Tufts with faculty at local partner institutions. These post-doctoral trainees design and implement a course of their choosing, mentored by the faculty at the partner institution. The TEACRS grant also provides funds for equipment and supplies to support the initiatives of the department in this endeavor.
We have had 5 “TEACRS” on the Pine Manor campus:

Spring 2008: Dr. Jennifer Kowalski and Dr. Jane Liu led the capstone Biology Senior Seminar Course entitled “Codes, Mixed Messages and Cellular Chaos: Nucleic Acids in Cancer Progression, Diagnostics, and Treatment.”

Spring 2010: Dr. Monica Hall- Porter taught the Biology Senior Seminar Course entitled, “Estrogen and Women’s Health”

Spring 2011: Dr. Lina Dahlberg taught the Biology Senior Seminar Course entitled “The Cellular Basis of Neurobiology.”

Fall 2012: Dr. Fathima Nazeer team taught, with Assistant Professor Colleen Krieser, our biology core course: “Principles of Genetics and Molecular Biology.”

Spring 2015: Dr. Tess Killpack, teaching “BI206 Anatomy and Physiology II”.