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Communication Program Requirements

Program Faculty

  • Eileen McLaughlin


Eileen McLaughlin – Associate Professor of Communication

 Tel: 617-731-7656

Program Requirements

CO 102 Introduction to Media Production
CO 240 Media Writing
IN 296 Exploratory Internship
CO 325 Media, Privacy, and the First Amendment
CO 335 Research Methods for Media Studies
CO 495 Senior Internship Seminar
CO 497 Senior Project

Plus 2 Special Elective at the 300 Level

New Media Concentration:
CO 241 Introduction to Social Media
CO 261 Social Media Campaigns
CO 345 Community Management
CO 225 Multimedia Production

Journalism Concentration:
CO 257 Special Topics in Journalism
EN 204 Feature Writing
CO 225 Multimedia Production
CO 350 Media, Journalism, and Politics

Media Studies Concentration:
3 classes at the 200-300 level


Visual Communication Concentration
(shared concentration with Visual Arts)

Students majoring in Communication may optionally elect to focus their curriculum through the Visual Communication Concentration. Students choosing this concentration must still satisfy all Communication requirements, but courses taken toward concentration requirements do also count toward Communication’s core, area elective, and upper-level elective requirements.

This concentration offers students a good foundation in the skills necessary for a job in the media and arts fields. Students will take courses in digital technology as well as writing, editing, layout, drawing, photography, and design. Career paths include advertising, public relations, graphic and web design, and TV production. The concentration requires one specific course:

VA 150 Introduction to Computer Graphics
In addition, CO Visual Communication students will select three other courses from the  group listed below. Two must be VA courses, one of which must be at the 300-level:

Art History courses
EN 200 Writing on the Job: Professional and Persuasive Writing
EN 209 Journalism on the Web and on the Page
MK 324 Advertising
VA 110 Drawing
VA 120 Design Fundamentals
VA 140 Basic Photography
VA 353 Digital Photography
VA 355 Design for the World Wide Web

Interdisciplinary Electives
Certain courses from departments outside of Communication may satisfy elective requirements for any student in the Communication major, as noted below. Other courses may be accepted by the department on a case-by-case basis as they are offered.

Satisfies Writing Elective
EN 200 Writing on the Job
EN 204 Feature Writing
EN 209 Journalism on the Web Page
EN 311 Advanced Journalism

Satisfies Industry/Culture Elective
MK 324 Advertising

Satisfies Production Elective
VA 150 Introduction to Computer Graphics
VA 226 Computer Graphics II
VA 353 Digital Photography
VA 355 Design for the World Wide Web