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Cross Registration

Cross Registration

The cross-registration program allows students
to take courses at Babson College, or Boston College and receive full credit toward their Pine Manor College
degree. Grades are counted as part of the cumulative GPA. Cross-registration
is limited to one course per semester, beginning with a student’s
sophomore year. Students on academic probation may not cross-register.
Cross-registration is not available during the summer. Cross-registration
college catalogs, as well as cross-registration forms, are available
in the Registrar’s Office.

Marine Studies Consortium

Marine Studies Consortium courses are available to Pine Manor
College students with sophomore status or higher. Courses are taught at the
member institutions of the Marine Studies Consortium; see the
Consortium website for times and location. Enrollment in these courses is limited to four
students each semester. Students choosing to withdraw from a Marine Studies
Consortium course must do so by the third class meeting of that course. Students
interested in the Consortium should consult with Professor Elizabeth Gardner for
permission to register for these courses.

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