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Undergraduate students pursuing a BA with a major in English may apply for acceptance into the Solstice Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing, and begin their graduate work in the final semester of their BA program. If they are accepted into the MFA program, the graduate work they complete in their final undergraduate semester will satisfy the degree requirements in English. In addition, the graduate course work completes the first semester of the MFA program.

Note: the winter residency generally falls in late December/early January, before the start of PMC’s undergraduate semester. For a detailed program overview, faculty bios, and application deadlines, go to:


Acceptance into the spring semester of Pine Manor’s low-residency Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program on the basis of her writing sample, transcript, recommendations and all other required material. A Pine Manor student’s application will be subject to the same evaluation as are those of other applicants. For deadlines, application and other information, see the Solstice M.F.A. information on PMC website.
Completion of all B.A. requirements and requirements for the English major with the exception of 8 credits worth of literature electives and 8 credits worth of creative writing electives. These include the following:

  • All general Baccalaureate requirements as listed in the college catalog
  • Required courses for the English major (EN 111 or 112, EN 203, EN 216 or EN/Th 217, EN 232, two 300-level literature courses and successful completion of the English Assessment Essay)
  • 8 credits worth of creative writing courses as listed under the Creative Writing Minor in the college catalog.
  • The Senior Portfolio will be completed during the first semester M.F.A. residency.
  • EN 495 Senior Internship (may be completed during a previous semester)

M.F.A. credits will substitute for two creative writing courses and two elective literature courses to complete the BA in English.

First semester M.F.A./Final semester of Pine Manor undergraduate

The low-residency MFA program consists of two elements in each of its semesters. The first is an intensive period of Residency, lasting for 10 days. In this Residency, students prepare in advance with substantial readings. At the Residency, they participate in seminars on Craft and Criticism, as well as intensive Workshops on genres and their own writing. They have choices of elective seminars; and participate in readings and discussions led by professional writers.

The second element of the semester isSemester-Long Independent Study with Mentor.During this period students must complete five “packet exchanges” with their personal mentor and instructor, which include the following:

  • 6-12 pages of craft analysis plus creative work (number of required pages of creative work varies according to genre)
  • Annotated bibliography of twenty books related to field.