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Pine Manor’s top achievers were recognized on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016, in the annual Alpha Chi induction and PMC’s Academic Honors Ceremony. Led in by Professor. Melinda Ponder, Ph.D., and Steve Donovan, seven students were inducted into the Alpha Chi Honor Society. The Alpha Chi induction, a wonderful candle-lighting ceremony, was led by William Stargard, Ph.D., Professor of Art History and Alpha Chi Faculty Advisor. The Alpha Chi recipients were presented with framed certificates and Alpha Chi pins.

“We are proud to recognize these inductees for their academic excellence and hard work,” said Interim President of Pine Manor College, Rosemary Ashby, Ph.D., “They exemplify the strong academic rigor and determination that Pine Manor values.”

This year, Pine Manor College added the following seven students’ names to the list of more than 400,000 members who have joined Alpha Chi since 1922.

  • Jennifer Barrios ’16
  • Yaye Cherif ’17
  • Monserrat Jifkins ’17
  • Jose Occelin ’17
  • Ashley Piermarini ’16
  • Patricia Pierre ’16
  • Tashiana Wolfe ’17

“It has been an honor to watch these inductees grow academically and personally,” said Professor Stargard, “They have set the highest challenges for themselves, and it is truly inspiring to witness the talent and dedication that they embody.”

Michele Ramirez, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, is this year’s Alpha Chi Honorary Inductee

The Honorary Alpha Chi inductee Michele Ramirez, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology, was recognized for her outstanding contribution to academic excellence at Pine Manor College. In her acceptance speech Professor Ramirez shared her fascination with Cognitive Psychology, “I have always been curious about how each of us learn and the influence of culture on our thought processes. We all have our own learning style and that is the focus of the research I have been conducting over my career.” Addressing the Alpha Chi inductees Ramirez said, “I see myself as going on a journey with you, my students, as together we engage in learning. There is nothing more delightful then to be enthralled in class discussion, and yes, I learn as much from my students as they learn from me. As we share diverse experiences and unique ways of understanding the world around us – we all benefit. I would like to end by giving you a few words of advice: remain curious, be a life-long learner, and take what you’ve learned and share it with the world.”

Diane Mello-Goldner, Ph.D., Dean of the College, congratulated Professor Ramirez for her Alpha Chi award recognition: “I am pleased that Dr. Ramirez was honored tonight along with our students. Michele has been an outstanding mentor to her students and has helped them develop important practical skills, while also instilling in them a love of giving back and being a positive change agent in their communities and in their families.”
Michele Ramirez, Ph.D., has been a teacher, a mentor and a leader at Pine Manor for 23 years. She is a resident of Northborough, MA.

The Alpha Chi induction ceremony was followed by the Honor ceremony in which Pine Manor students were recognized for their academic achievements in the past Spring and Fall semesters.

About Alpha Chi

The Massachusetts Delta Chapter of Alpha Chi is a national college honor society that accepts only the top 10 percent of juniors, seniors, and graduate students in all academic fields and that recognizes and promotes scholarship. Once a member, students are eligible for regional and national scholarships, and may apply to attend Alpha Chi’s annual national convention (at a subsidized cost), where they could present their work to fellow members and faculty from across the country. During the induction, each member receives a certificate suitable for framing and a lapel pin. In addition, the chapter will purchase and provide an official Alpha Chi medallion to be worn by each member at Commencement.

Pine Manor’s chapter of Alpha Chi was established in 1991 with 16 members. The Massachusetts chapter is the Delta Chapter, as we are the fifth college in Massachusetts to establish a chapter.
In order to qualify for membership a student must be enrolled full time, be a junior or senior with at least one year of residency, have a cumulative GPA of 3.5, and at least one semester with a 3.75 GPA.

About High Honors and Honors Requirements

To earn semester Honors, a student must have completed at least 8 credits in courses in which a letter grade is assigned and earn a semester GPA as follows:
For High Honors a 3.50 GPA or higher is required, and for Honors a GPA of 3.20 to 3.49 is required.