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Pine Manor College’s Top Academic Scholars Recognized

[Wednesday, February 27th, 2019] On a cold winter day, we gathered to recognize the College’s top academic achievers. The annual Alpha Chi National Honor Society Induction and Pine Manor College’s Academic Honors Ceremony, was led by Professor William Stargard, Ph.D., Professor of Art History and Alpha Chi Faculty Advisor.

In front of student honorees, their families friends, faculty, staff, and administrators, Professor Stargard opened the evening by remarking on the significance of the event, “Tonight is a celebration of academic accomplishment! Whether you are being inducted into Alpha Chi or receiving honors or high honors, we applaud your achievement! We know that it does not come easy!” Recognizing that aspiration is a driving force behind students’ academic accomplishments, Professor Stargard added, “Of course, aspiration is important for all students, including those who will not receive an award this evening. Let those students know that their hard work is also recognized tonight. May their drive and determination lead to their academic accomplishment at next year’s ceremony!”

The Alpha Chi inductees were led in by Lisa Rodrigues ’06, M.Ed. This year, Pine Manor College added the following students’ names to the list of more than 400,000 members who have joined Alpha Chi since 1922:

  •  Rosy Basil-Kalu ‘20
  •  Latonia Cox ‘19
  •  Pamela Fernandez ‘21
  •  Cyril Fonrose ‘19
  •  Danielle Sturgeon ‘20

The Alpha Chi recipients were presented with Alpha Chi pins and framed certificates by Professor Stargard and Susan Bear, Ph.D., Professor of Biology.

Professor Stargard asked the inductees to turn to the audience and accept the recognition and congratulations of the community.

This year’s Alpha Chi Honorary Inductee was Professor Rebecca Mitchell, Ed.D., Associate Professor of Mathematics.

Professor Mitchell was introduced by the Dean of the College, Diane Mello-Goldner, Ph.D., who described her dedication to students’ learning and her passion for teaching.
Professor Mitchell’s accepted the honor and addressed the audience and her fellow Alpha Chi inductees. Before beginning her speech, Professor Mitchell conducted a small group exercise asking people to stand if they had a teacher who impacted their lives. Many in the room stood up. Then she asked people to remain standing if that teacher was a Math teacher, most in the group set down. Professor Mitchell acknowledged that this reflects the experience of many students and she set out to change students’ perception of Math. For the full speech Click here

Professor Mitchell shared her thoughts around four central themes: Passion, Curiosity, Partnership, and Social Justice. For each of these ideas, Professor Mitchell demonstrated how they inform her choices and her actions. She spoke about her own passion for Math teaching and learning and said: “I became a math teacher because I did not want any other students to feel shame in a math class, and I wanted to help students understand mathematics and feel confident about their knowledge. This is the problem I own; I am extremely passionate about it, and it drives my scholarship.” About her own scholastic path, she said: “I think we all learn more when we learn together, and when we are generous with each other.”

Reflecting on ways in which scholarship supports social change she said: “Math is so important as a tool to make sense of complex problems and have agency over our lives. As Brandon Sanderson, fiction author, wrote, “If we do nothing with the knowledge we gain, then we have wasted our study.”
He was mostly referring to how we need to interpret and draw conclusions, rather than just read, but I think it can also mean that our scholarship only really matters if it is shared and used for good.”

At the conclusion of the Alpha Chi National Honors Society induction ceremony, President O’Reilly offered congratulatory words, pointing the attention to the many individuals; faculty, staff and members of the Pine Manor community. The President said: “You are tireless in your willingness to do all that you can for our Pine Manor College students. These shining stars, reflective of your commitment, are an incredible sight and the embodiment of the very best that we can be as a community of higher learning.” Noting the encouragement and dedication of students’ families, the President said, “To the families and friends who are here tonight, thank you for your love and support of these scholars. They are our bright lights. They will lead the way for us and others as they continue down the path of learning. You have been there for them every step of the way.”

Dean’s List

The Alpha Chi Induction ceremony was followed by the Honors Ceremony in which Pine Manor College students were recognized for their academic achievements in the past Spring and Fall semesters. Dean Mello-Goldner, Ph.D., called the recipients to be recognized.  The students were presented the High Honors and Honors certificates by President Thomas O’Reilly, M.B.A. and the Dean of the Students, Staci Weber, Ph.D.

For the full list of our 2018 Dean’s List, click here.

About Alpha Chi

The Massachusetts Delta Chapter of Alpha Chi is a national college honor society that accepts only the top 10 percent of juniors, seniors, and graduate students in all academic fields and that recognizes and promotes scholarship. Once a member, students are eligible for regional and national scholarships, and may apply to attend Alpha Chi’s annual national convention (at a subsidized cost), where they could present their work to fellow members and faculty from across the country. During the induction, each member receives a certificate suitable for framing and a lapel pin. In addition, the chapter will purchase and provide an official Alpha Chi medallion to be worn by each member at Commencement.

Pine Manor College’s chapter of Alpha Chi was established in 1991 with 16 members. The Massachusetts chapter is the Delta Chapter, as we are the fifth college in Massachusetts to establish a chapter.
In order to qualify for membership a student must be enrolled full time, be a junior or senior with at least one year of residency, have a cumulative GPA of 3.5, and at least one semester in their junior or senior year with a 3.75 GPA.