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Internship Program

Pine Manor College recognizes a fundamental link between a liberal arts education and the world of work. The Internship Program operates on the premise that academic knowledge, combined with the experience of using such knowledge in the workplace, prepares a student to succeed intellectually and practically in life beyond college. Internships also provide students with the opportunity to explore career options and develop skills that dramatically increase their competitiveness in the job market. During the past 25 years, the Internship Program has enjoyed an excellent reputation. Pine Manor College students are frequently offered permanent positions at their internship sites.

Semester Internships

The 200-level internship is an exploratory experience (8—12 hours per week) in a field a student wishes to examine. The required 400-level senior internship is a more in-depth learning and work experience (16 hours per week minimum) related specifically to the student’s major. All internships require participation in regularly scheduled on-campus seminars, completion of academic work assigned by the faculty sponsor, and successful completion of duties and responsibilities established by a site supervisor. Students intern for a minimum of 12 weeks.

Summer Internships

Under special circumstances, undergraduates my arrange for 200-level internships involving 120 hours during the summer (400-level internships may not be taken). The student must submit a written proposal no later than the first week of April following conferral with the Internship Office in February. She must receive the approval of the Dean of the College and the faculty sponsor before the end of spring semester and participate in a preparatory workshop. Summer internships are taken on a Credit/No Credit basis. The fee for summer internships is equivalent to that of the summer session courses.

Intersession Internships

Students are eligible for a 2-credit, 100-level internship during time periods outside the normal academic calendar (usually between semesters). This option requires 80 hours of on-site experience and an academic component. The student must complete a written application four weeks prior to the beginning of the proposed internship. The proposal needs the approval of the Dean of the College and the faculty sponsor.

The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars

Pine Manor College is affiliated with the Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars in Washington, DC. Students may enroll at the Center in the fall or spring semester or for a summer session. In order to participate, a student must have at least second-semester sophomore status. The Center offers a wide range of internship placements. Participating students report to both their Pine Manor faculty sponsor and to the Center. Students earn 16 credits upon successful completion of the program.

The Center’s Minority Leaders Fellowship Program permits students of color to explore leadership issues in the nation’s capital. For more information or to apply, please contact Professor William Vogele.


The Internship Program is open to any undergraduate in good standing who has successfully completed her first semester, and is required by all seniors. Students are limited to a total of 14 credits for internships during their four years and should contact the Internship Office to arrange for an internship. Senior internships are carried out in the fall semester.


An internship is considered the equivalent of a full academic course, carrying a value of 4 credits for 200-level internships and 6 credits for 400-level internships. Internships taken during the fall and spring semesters meet standard guidelines for a letter grade or a Credit/No Credit option. Summer (4-credit) internships must be taken on a Credit/No Credit basis. An internship cannot satisfy distribution requirements. The fee for an internship taken as a semester overload is the same as for any other full-course overload.

CORI Policy

Students seeking internships, experiential learning experiences, practicums, or observations in certain placement settings will be required to complete a criminal records check and/or agree to be subject to drug/alcohol screening and/or fingerprinting (for students who plan to work with a population under 18) prior to participation in the internship or educational experience. Please see the full CORI policy here.