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Microsoft Certification Test Center


 The Testing Center is closed due to COVID-19.

Pine Manor College is proud to be a Microsoft Certification Test Center. The center is open to Pine Manor College students as well as to the public.

To request a test session, please complete the form below, and a Test Center staff member will contact you to schedule the test/s.  You will be directed to to create a username and password, and pay for the exam you want. Certiport will provide voucher numbers.

With the Pine Manor College Microsoft certification coordinator, you will then arrange a convenient time to come to the Pine Manor College campus in Chestnut Hill, MA and take the exam. Each exam is 50 minutes.

2019 – 2020 Fees:  A $30 proctor fee (for up to two test administrations) is due at the time of the test. After you have completed two exam sessions, there is an additional fee of $10 per exam. You will get the results immediately after taking the exams. A 24 hours notice is required for cancellation. A $5 cancellation fee will be charged in case of an insufficient notice (less than 24 hours) or a “no show”.  Payment by cash or check made payable to Pine Manor College. No credit cards.

If you don’t receive a reply from the form within one day, please email directly with the information.

If you call my office phone at 617 731-7028, please speak slowly and clearly so I can hear the return phone number. Thank you.


For questions and to learn more about the courses that Pine Manor College offers to prepare for the certification tests, please contact:

Barbara Schwartz, Assistant Professor Computer Studies, and Microsoft certification coordinator at

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