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Portfolio Learning

Presentation and submission of learning portfolios is a graduation requirement for all Pine Manor College students. The formal presentations of the portfolio take place during the senior year on designated days in the spring semester. The portfolio contains evidence of and reflections upon student learning related to the general education core competencies and accomplishments within the major. Pine Manor College’s Core Competencies represent the commitment of our learning community to develop the capacity for success in all of our students. The portfolio is facilitated through participation in select courses throughout all four years.

All faculty members are expected to be mindful of the College’s Core Competencies, to highlight in their syllabi those competencies that are most directly addressed within each course, and to help students understand how they might use course materials and experiences to address specific competencies. The Core Competencies will be evaluated using a set of approved rubrics.

Pine Manor College Core Competencies

1. COMMUNICATION: is the ability to convey ideas and information through writing, speaking, and visual display. The purpose of communication is to share knowledge and promote understanding as well as to persuade others of one’s opinions and viewpoints.
Pine Manor graduates are able to communicate with skill and clarity through writing, speaking and visual display. They convey an understanding of the purpose and audience of their work, and with the ability to to draw on evidence and information to appropriately support the purpose of their communication, and that demonstrates insight and mastery of the topic.

2. CRITICAL THINKING: Critical Thinking is the ability to systematically investigate and analyze complex problems using various techniques, including quantitative and qualitative analysis, and then formulating an opinion or conclusion.
Pine Manor College graduates possess the habits of mind that enable them to explore the complexities of ideas, problems, and events with insight and care. They are able to gather and assess appropriate evidence and logic in ways that challenge assumptions and allow them to reach informed conclusions.

3. COLLABORATION: Collaboration is the process of engaging in cooperative problem-solving and active listening with others.
Pine Manor graduates possess the skills and experiences that enable them to effectively engage in cooperative and collaborative problem-solving with a diverse group of others and in a variety of settings.

4. CITIZENSHIP: Citizenship is using one’s understanding of the social, cultural, political and economic factors that influence the world to improve one’s interactions with others from diverse backgrounds and to act in a socially responsible manner.
Pine Manor graduates possess the experience and insight to work effectively with people from a variety of backgrounds. They are empowered to use their understanding of the world, as well as their specific skills and knowledge, to be engaged in civic life.

5. INTEGRATED AND APPLIED LEARNING: Integrated and applied learning involves making simple connections among ideas and experiences, and synthesizing and transferring learning to new situations across their courses and in their intellectual, professional and community lives.
Pine Manor graduates are prepared for continuing engagement in their professions and communities with a background of knowledge and skills that enable them to creatively and effectively adapt to new situations.