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Self-Designed Major

The individualized or self-designed major option allows a highly motivated and sufficiently prepared student the opportunity to design a major in addition to those regularly available at the College. Working with their intended faculty advisor, students interested in this option propose their major in writing for review and consultation by the Committee on Academic Standards (a sub-committee of the Curriculum Committee) before the end of the sophomore year.

The major requires at least 44 credits, including four courses at the 300-level or above, at least two of which must be at the 400-level (the senior capstone experience and senior internship). The proposal should include coursework that introduces fundamental concepts of the area of study, learning that addresses the methods of inquiry within the discipline or area of study, an independent project, and a senior internship. In the case of courses not offered at the College, the student must indicate where and when those courses will be taken.

Year-end reports must be filed by the student and advisor with the Committee on Academic Standards and the Registrar’s Office. These reports should reflect regular discussion and work with faculty assigned oversight of individualized programs.

Students interested in a Self-Designed Minor also should talk to their academic advisor about the process.