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Alumni & Degree Applications

“I realized how lucky I had been to have experienced a program where everyone (women and men) can find a place to take creative risks, to allow themselves to put their writing first, and to find a place where Community is at the heart of the program.  I realized that not everyone has had an opportunity to experience what seems to unfold so organically at Solstice.”

Graduate Sara Cameron, July ’09

Careers for the MFA Graduate

Solstice graduates have gone on to teach writing professionally; published stories, poems, essays, and book-length works; started literary journals, e-publishing imprints, and community outreach programs; and used the skills they gained in the MFA Program to explore writing in other genres, including writing for the screen. At each step of the way, our alumni receive encouragement and support from program staff and from their peers. Graduates who opted to take our Applied Track in Pedagogy gain additional skills that can prepare them to teach writing at the college level.

Solstice Alumni Association (SOLA)

As a graduate of the Solstice MFA in Creative Writing Program at Pine Manor College, you will find that both program staff and the community of writers you discovered and helped to nurture as a student will remain supportive and communicative. In addition to promoting publications and professional achievements by Solstice graduates through our monthly e-newsletter and press releases, we invite graduates to audit classes and participate in professional development programming at our biannual residencies. We also host a reception for Solstice alumni, students, and faculty members at the annual Association of Writers Writing Programs (AWP) conference.

SOLA, the official Solstice Alumni Association, represents all alumni and helps to ensure that Solstice graduates stay engaged and involved. The SOLA Advisory Committee, a group of volunteer alumni representatives, hosts an annual Alumni Reading at AWP and coordinates an Alumni Event at summer MFA residencies. This group also helps raise need-based scholarship funds for incoming students through our annual Writers Helping Writers Campaign.

Donating to the Solstice MFA (Writers Helping Writers) Scholarship Fund

The Solstice MFA Fund provides need-based scholarships to eligible students; donors don’t need to wait for our annual Writers Helping Writers online fundraiser to make a tax-deductible gift! These contributions ensure that Solstice can continue to support talented writers of limited means.

As a charitable non-profit 501(c) 3 organization, contributions to the Solstice MFA Fund are fully tax deductible according to U.S. law.

*Checks should be made out to Pine Manor College; please put “Solstice Scholarship Fund” on the memo line and mail to:

Attn: Quintin Collins, Assistant Director
 Solstice MFA in Creative Writing
 Pine Manor College
 400 Heath Street
 Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

To make a donation by credit card, call (617) 731-7697