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MFA Partner Institutions

The Solstice Low-Residency MFA in Creative Writing Program of Pine Manor College (PMC) is currently in discussions with various colleges and universities in and around Massachusetts to find a mission-aligned institution to forge a partnership for the program’s future. These discussions were initiated in light of the news of PMC’s closing in summer 2022. As PMC and Solstice leadership continue these negotiations, they remain confident that they will soon announce which institution will be the new home for Solstice, a program recognized nationally for its academic rigor as well as its commitment to diversity, inclusiveness, and social justice.

As an additional layer of assurance for current students and under the direction of the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education, Solstice has established memoranda of understanding (MOUs) with Pacific University of Forest Grove, Oregon, and Goddard College of Plainfield, Vermont, to ensure degree completion pathways for students enrolled in the program should it not be successful in landing a new host institution. These MOUs offer benefits to students who are accepted into and make a tuition deposit to the Solstice Program by June 2021.

For the full terms of the MOUs please click here:
Pacific University MOU and Goddard College MOU.

We extend our gratitude to Pacific University and Goddard College leadership and MFA staff for offering another level of assurance for our community as we solidify our next steps.