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Achievement Day 2018

Achievement Day 2018

A Celebration of Portfolios, Performances and Awards

Pine Manor College’s Achievement Day is a festive opportunity to reflect and recognize our students’ achievements in the past year.

We began the Award Ceremony with the singing of the National Anthem by Siera Robinson

Followed by welcoming remarks from President Thomas M. O’Reilly and Dean of the College, Diane Mello-Goldner, Ph.D. 

Before presenting the student’s awards, Dean Mello-Goldner recognized the work by all members of the Pine Manor College faculty, therefore the first award that was presented was the Ruth Allinger Gibson ’26 Teaching Award for Excellence in Teaching. Voted by Pine Manor students, the award was presented to Kelly DeFao, J.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology and Political Science.

The second award presented was the Pam Palmer Award recognizing Excellence in Mentoring and Support of Student Success. This award winner was selected by students who submitted nominations for a faculty or staff member who best exemplifies the following qualities that Pam was known for:

  • Never giving up on students
  • Providing support across all areas of student’s life (Academic and Non-Academic)
  • Pollowing up with students over time
  • Helping students reach their full potential

This award was presented to Lisa Rodrigues, M.Ed., Associate Dean of Student Affairs


The Presentations of Awards

Trustee Awards for Exemplary Senior Portfolio – presented by Diane Mello-Goldner, Ph.D., to Brianna Gonsalves, McCala McDonald, Shaquanda Middleton, Mary Owen, and Joy Hill. Their portfolios stood out as the best as evaluated by the portfolio review committee.

Following the Exemplary Senior Portfolio awards was a dance performance by Francesca Ushindi, Kendra Williams, and Kaesha Woolley titled No Peace.

Academic Awards 

Presented by program faculty

Biology and Chemistry 

  • Award for Achievement in Chemistry – Ziyu Chen
  • Awards for Distinction in Biology – Nathan Kee  Marcelina Nidaisy
  • David P. Boyd Award for Academic Progress and Transformational Growth – Hakeem Duncan
  • Perkin Merit Scholarship: Quynh Dao, Hakeem Duncan Pamela Fernandez
  • Healthcare and Biomedical Science Scholarship: – Esmiralda Jean-Francois, Alexandrine Theodore, Ashley Smith, Marianys Aileen Reefer Rodriguez Abner Moreira

Ted Talk presentations by Dongsheng “Dawson” Xu and Viyanni Johnson

Business and Management 

  • Joan D. Osterweil ’50 Award for Outstanding Achievement in Economics –  Karoline D’Brito
  • Achievement Awards in Business and Management – Liza Ortiz


  • Award for Distinguished Work in Communication – Marlyssa Gonzalez

Computer Studies

  • Achievement in Technology Award – Erin Epps

Following the presentation of these awards was a theatre performance by Sharon Montella Anthony Johnson titled Swords Play

Early Childhood: Education, Health and Leadership  

  • Joan D. Osterweil ’50 Award for Student Teaching – Mykia Mobley
  • Excellence in Education Awards – McCala McDonald
  • Leadership in Early Education Awards – Jahvar Gayle Gary Stanley


  • Beverly Alexander Award in Writing – Karoline D’Brito
  • Constance Grosvenor Alexander Award in English – Atazhanna Furtado-Triplett


  • Manuela de Mora Award (Spanish) – Rosa Perez


  • Audrey I. Stein Awards for Merit and Improvement in Mathematics – Yifan Zhang
  • Achievement Award in Mathematics – Yanru Cui

Following the presentation of these awards, we were brought into the world of Wendy Napolean with two of her own original poetry pieces

Performing Arts:


  • Dorothy McGuire Award for Excellence in Theatre – Anthony Johnson
  • Thomas Benton Pegg Award for Achievement in Theatre – Joy Hill


  • Award for Distinction in Dance – Kendra Williams

Following the presentation of this award was Improv by the TH105/205 Ensemble


  • The Sybill Webb Doughtery Prize in Voice – Siera Robinson


  • Award for Distinguished Work in Psychology – Mary Owen
  • Mildred Hodgman Mahoney Award – Brianna Gonsalves

Community Day, April 5, 2018 

  • The Struggle of the Homeless (Defao)
    Nahalia Faurot
     Angel Pena
     Cris Rodriguez
  • Inequality of Women in Various Aspects (Kronenberg)
    Adil Assembek
     Gwiwon Choi
     Steevenson Jean-Francois
     Marianys Aileen Reefer Rodriguez
     Jianing Sun
  • Colorism: Not just Black and White! (Defao)
    Krizabel Pastrana
     Esmiralda Jean-Francois
     Emma Meriseme
     Yujie Ke
     Xiying Xu
  • The Effects of Climate Change based on Region (Baker-Siroty) 
    Nurzan “Nurik” Baitassov
     Camila Castaneda
     Ronnie Thomas
     Seongji Yun
  • Born Fruitless: The Need to End Hunger Homelessness (Stargard)
     Szu-Chuan Chen
     Charita Jack
     Ivete Nava
     Azsha Ray

Sociology and Political Science

  • Award for Distinguished Work in Sociology Political Science – Dona Romain 

Following the presentation of these awards was a dance by Bri Andrews Kaesha Woolley titled Better

Alpha Chi

William Stargard, Ph.D., Professor of Art History and Alpha Chi Advisor, called all Alpha Chi students, to be recognized and presented the seniors their Alpha Chi medallions to wear at Commencement – Karoline D’Brito ’19, Atazhanna Furtado-Triplett ’20, Marlyssa Gonzalez ’18, Nathan Kee ’18, Marcelina Nidaisy ‘18, McCala McDonald ’18, Liza Ortiz ’18, Mary Owen ’18, Dona Romain ’18

Following the Alpha Chi presentation was a solo dance performance by Kendra WIlliams titled Listen

Announcement of the 2018 Student Class Commencement Speaker presented by Hannah Baker-Siroty, M.F.A., Assistant Professor of English: Writing and Literature, Lisa Rodrigues, Associate Dean of Student Life and Community Engagement, and William Stargard, Ph.D., Professor of Art History and Alpha Chi Advisor. This year Student Class Speaker is Brianna Gonsalves and Jonathan Higgenbotham.

Student Affairs Awards

– presented by Staci Weber, Ph.D., Dean of Student Affairs

The Dean of Students Award recipients for positive leadership, growth, and commitment to enhancing Pine Manor College were Brianna Gonsalves and Jonathan Higgenbotham

Emerging Student Leader Award recipients for a first or second year Pine Manor College student who has shown exemplary leadership and positive contribution through their service, scholarship, and commitment to the overall mission of the college were Feven Bedard-Khalid and Joseph Mello

Community Engagement Award recipient for a student whom best uplifted the Pine Manor College community through actively engaging in work, service, and program attendance on and off campus was Danielle Sturgeon Tim Martin

This Achievement Day Ceremony was closed with the singing of the Alma Mater by Siera Robinson

We also enjoyed Student Exhibits and Presentations:

Hallway Presentations

  • First Year Experience: Community Day Projects VA Artwork on Display
  • Chemistry Posters
  • Physics Posters
  • Art History Powerpoint Presentations

Enjoy some of the highlights of Achievement Day 2018 through our photo album.

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