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Achievement Day 2020

Achievement Day 2020

A Virtual Celebration 

of Student Achievement and Awards

Monday, May 4th, 2020, 4 p.m. EST

Opening Remarks:

Presentation of Awards:

Ruth Allinger Gibson ’26 Teaching Award for Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Sandra McElroy, Professor of Early Childhood Education

Pam Palmer Award in Excellence in Mentoring and Support of Student Success

Ross Merlin, Student Success Coach

The Trustee Awards for Exemplary Senior Portfolio

  • Danielle Sturgeon
  • Sophia Chinn
  • Adriana Morales
  • Garrett Gagnon
  • Cindy Abdalla 

Student Awards:

Art History

Clara Torrey Clement Award in Art History

  • Antonia Carvalho
  • Martin Pilataxi

Biology and Chemistry

Award for Achievement in Chemistry

  • Alexandrine Theodore
  • Mose Park

Award for Distinction in Biology

  • Adriana Morales
  • Rosy Basil-Kalu

David P. Boyd Award for Academic Progress and Transformational Growth

  • Kimberley Hernandez

Business and Management

Joan D. Osterweil ’50 Award for Outstanding Achievement in Economics

  • Alec Hanney

Award for Distinguished Work in Business and Management

  • Feven Bedard-Khalid

Computer Studies

Achievement in Technology Award

  • Cameron Fuller


Joan D. Osterweil ’50 Award for Student Teaching

  • Ivete Nava

Excellence in Education Award

  • Andrea Melendez

Leadership in Early Education Award

  • Randal Adams
  • Dorys Goncalves
  • Shreece Jones
  • Ashley Smith


Beverly Alexander Award in Writing

  • Cindy Abdalla

Constance Grosvenor Alexander Award in English

  • Derick Speight

B.A. Program Award for Excellence in the Study of English

  • Gabel Williams


Amy Evelyn Stewart Award (French)

  • Fredrika Haaga


Audrey I. Stein Award for Merit and Improvement in Mathematics

  • Jhovana Correa

Achievement Award in Mathematics

  • Chen-Hung Hung

Performing Arts/Theatre

Dorothy McGuire Award for Excellence in Theatre

  • Garrett Gagnon

Thomas Benton Pegg Award for Achievement in Theatre

  • Catalina Matos

Performing Arts/Dance

Award for Distinction in Dance

  • Azsha Ray

Performing Arts/Music

The Helen Temple Cooke Prize for Musical Studies

  • Peilan Liang


Award for Distinguished Work in Psychology

  • Rosy Basil-Kalu

Mildred Hodgman Mahoney Award for Excellence in Behavioral Science 

  • Rosa Perez
  • Wendy Myrbell Napoleon

Sociology and Political Science

Award for Distinguished Work in Sociology and Political Science

  • Sophia Chinn

Pauline Tompkins Award in Political Science

  • Atazhanna Furtado-Triplett

Visual arts

Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Visual Arts

  • Haoyang Zhang

Alpha Chi

  •  Feven Bedard-Khalid
  •  Sophia Chinn
  • Jhovana Correa
  • Garrett Gagnon
  • Alec Hanney
  • Esmiralda Jean-Francois
  • Adriana Morales
  • Ashley Smith

A special mention: Rosy Basil-Kalu, who was inducted to the Alpha Chi last year, received an Alfred H. Nolle Scholarship through the Alpha Chi National Honor Society! Rosy won this prestigious scholarship last month through a national competition.

Announcement of Student Commencement Speaker

  • Wendy Myrbell Napoleon

Student Affairs Awards

Student Life Dean’s Award

  • Feven Bedard-Khalid
  • Derrick Speight
  • Wendy Myrbell Napoleon

Emerging Student Leader Award

  • Sam Zhao
  • Johnniejoel Jackson

Community Engagement Award

  • Azsha Ray
  • Esmiralda Jean-Francois
  • George Anderson

First Year Experience – Passion Project

1st Year Experience class, Passion Projects, Poster Winners and Honorable Mentions

Link to 1st Year Seminar Presentations

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