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Achievement Day 2022

& Awards Day

Wednesday, April 27th

Opening Remarks:

  • Thomas M. O’Reilly, President

Awards for Exemplary Senior Portfolio

  • Ivan Hernandez
  • Honorine Lue
  • Lauren Munroe
  • Christina Karamitsios
  • Maria Mauricio

Student Awards:

Biology and Chemistry

Award for Distinction in Biology

  • Ivan Hernandez

David P. Boyd Award for Academic Progress and Transformational Growth

  • Asli Omar

Award for Achievement in Chemistry

  • Giselle Talborda

Business and Management

Award for Distinguished Work in Business and Management

  • Mandy Mastropasqua

Joan D. Osterweil ’50 Award for Outstanding Achievement in Economics

  • Maria Careen Christalea Putri

Early Childhood: Education, Health and Leadership

Leadership in Early Education Award

  • Sayvonn Houston

Excellence in Education Award

  • Marien Reyes

Joan D. Osterweil ’50 Award for Student Teaching

  • Marien Reyes

English: Creative Writing and Literature

B.A. Program Award for Excellence in the Study of English

  • Lauren Monroe


Audrey I. Stein Award for Merit and Improvement in Mathematics

  • Lauren Munroe

Achievement Award in Mathematics

  • Mikael Christo Croccifixio

Sociology and Political Science

Award for Distinguished Work in Sociology and Political Science

  • Wendy Escobar

Visual Arts

Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Visual Arts

  • Antonio White

Alpha Chi

  • Mandy Mastropasqua
  • Wendy Escobar
  • Gabriela Gomes Vieira
  • Ivan Hernandez

Student Affairs Awards

Student Life Dean’s Award

  • Raudel Gomez

Emerging Student Leader Award

  • Adora Young 
  • Anthony Saunders

Community Engagement Award

  • Mikael Christo Croccifixio
  • Putu Agung Kesya Wisma Winata