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What Can I Study at Pine Manor College?


 As a student at Pine Manor I know that I can always count on being supported and pushed towards the direction of success. My professor invited me to co-author a research project that I presented at the New England Psychological Association meeting in Connecticut. I was accepted as a member of the association and still keep a big copy of the poster in my room.


~Glenn G., Psychology Major


All entering first-year undergraduate students begin their academic career at Pine Manor College by taking a first-year seminar course and other general education and major coursework that help them progress toward earning a Bachelor of Arts degree. If students prefer, they can pursue a two-year Associate Degree instead. 

Regardless of which degree students are seeking, they will begin with their first-year seminar and general education coursework that emphasize the development of PMC’s core competencies:  communication, critical thinking, collaboration, and citizenship.