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Auditing Classes
Auditing a course is a great way to enrich learning, satisfy intellectual curiosity, and tap into a vibrant academic community. Choose a course, complete the form below, and you’ll be a step away from enrolling as an auditor.

Please indicate your interest in the form, and we’ll get back to you when the offerings are finalized. Thank you.

Auditing Classes
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Please contact the Registrar’s Office (617-731-7170) for further details.

Auditing Courses and Non-Degree Course Registration

Degree seeking and Non-Degree seeking students have the opportunity to audit courses at Pine Manor College for self-enrichment purposes. Audited courses do not count toward completing degree requirements, do not receive credit, nor factor into GPA calculations but are recorded on the student’s permanent record with a grade of “AU” if successful completed.

Auditing students attend lecture classes, complete assigned readings, and participate in discussions in the course but do not take examinations or submit coursework.

Students may not audit computer, dance, ESL, or visual arts courses, music or voice lessons, or participate in any lab sections without instructor permission and based on seat availability. All students must submit an audit form to the Registrar’s Office.

Note that there is a fee of $250.- to audit a course and the attached form must be accompanied with the payment. All degree seeking full-time PMC students may audit courses without a fee.

Non-degree seeking students are also eligible to take Pine Manor College courses for a fee of $600.- per credit.  Students are encouraged to submit a registration form and include the course(s) they are interested in.

Space availability and instructor approval are also determining factors in auditing and non-degree registration of courses. The Registrar’s Office will work with faculty to gain such approval.

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