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Christina Santos ‘12

Marketing Coordinator at Redbock, San Diego (a start-up company)

Soccer Coach, Francis Parker High School

Pine Manor College, Major in Communication/Focus in Public Relations

Saint Raphael Academy, Pawtucket, RI

Life after Graduation

Christina was an exceptional student, athlete and community member while she was at Pine Manor. She continued to succeed and give back to her community after leaving PMC. Christina moved to San Diego, CA after graduation and was the third employee hired for a start up company. “I was originally hired as a Marketing Coordinator, but have since shifted my duties as we have grown.We now currently have 15 people in the company… Since I’ve been around from the beginning, I wear many hats for my company.I manage our internal and external communication ensuring we maintain a consistent message and brand.I run reports on our current sales numbers and project our monthly individual and team goals…I also train all internal hires.”

Christina mentors the youth in her community by serving as a soccer coach, and she is also in the process of becoming a part-time Chaplain for the San Diego prison system. Christina excelled on the Pine Manor soccer field and now coaches for “an excellent program that has advanced to the finals every year since my hire…I organize practice plans and train the girls.I also work to help keep them academically focused. As a chaplain, I will be doing one-on-one visits with children and young adults between the ages of 10-20 that are incarcerated for various reasons.I will be assisting them with their faith formation from a Catholic perspective.”

How PMC Helped Me

Christina chose PMC because of “the atmosphere and environment.Every other school I toured, I felt like a number. From the moment I stepped onto Pine Manor’s campus I could tell I would be more than the number on my student ID. The professors and staff showed genuine interest in me even as a prospective student. I knew this would be the college for me to truly develop and grow into the young woman I wanted to be.”

Christina also appreciated our applied liberal arts curriculum because she was “able to explore all areas.It allowed me to confidently choose a major that suited my interests and talents.Now in the workforce, I am highly adaptable to business situations and decisions. I still use my macroeconomics course knowledge from Professor Abdullah every day despite being in the marketing world!The classes and professors have really helped me excel in my career.Knowing a little bit about everything is very attractive to employers.”

While most of our seniors complete their internships off-campus, Christina was able to take advantage of an excellent on-campus opportunity that fit perfectly with her career plans. She completed her internship at PMC in the Media and Publications Department and felt that “the opportunity really helped me apply what I had been studying to real life situations.I wasn’t getting coffees and sealing envelopes.I was diving hands-on into recording promotional videos, drafting letters and assisting with deliverables…I experienced how to manage project deadlines. Most importantly, I learned that every single detail matters, no matter how small it seems.I still remember during my first week my supervisor stressing the importance of filling in the subject line in my emails to make email conversations more effective. I have never forgotten that simple lesson since, and it has helped me push forward in my career. Who would have thought that something so small would make such an impact!”

“My professors within the communications department really took the time to know me not just as a student, but as a person. By developing and fostering that relationship, the faculty was able to push me to be the best I could possibly be. The communications department is a very tight knit group. I was able to receive lots of personalized attention and constructive criticism.The four years spent with the department prepared me with technical abilities and also allowed me to grow personally. Once I entered into the work force, I was able to hit the ground running thanks to the communications department and its curriculum.” Associate Professor of Communication Eileen McLaughlin remembers Christina as “always a standout student – the student I could always count on to provide an insightful idea to the class discussion. She was a quiet, but effective, leader in the classroom. And while I’d like to think it was the communication curriculum that gave her those skills, I would have to give a lot of the credit to her participation in Pine Manor athletics. It was as team captain that she really honed her leadership skills; skills which served her in class, at her internships and continue to serve her today. She is a leader in every sense of the word.”

Christina would recommend Pine Manor to high school students like herself because “Pine Manor offers individualized attention that no other university or college can offer.It is a unique and special place that gives students the opportunity to explore and mature into a professional ready for the work force.You will gain a confidence and presence about yourself that will propel you to the next level in comparison to your colleagues.Pine Manor offers the chance to become that relentless and charismatic professional employers are always after…I can go in many different directions right now with my given experience…Pine Manor helped me develop into who I am today. The college gave me the opportunity to develop my voice and become a strong woman in a business world. My confidence in the professional setting is all thanks to my time at PMC.”