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Daniela Ramirez ’13

Patient Care Associate (PCA), Neuroscience Unit, Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)

Enrolled, Master’s of Science in Physician Assistant Studies,
Bouve College of Health Sciences, Northeastern University

Pine Manor College, Biology Major

Fenway High School, Boston, MA

A long term career in the health care field where I can use my Physician Assistant skills along with my research expertise and apply it on a day-to-day basis to help better the overall health of others. Additionally, I want to help narrow the gap in health care services for underserved populations.

“My internship at a cancer research lab at Mass General Hospital helped me gain a holistic approach to medicine and the health care field.”

Life after Graduation

“After I graduated from Pine Manor College with a bachelor’s degree in Biology, I completed some pre-requisite courses that I needed in order to apply for Physician Assistant programs, and I also started my current job at MGH. I completed a full year of full time clinical work for a total of 1,200 hours (which is what Northeastern required) in order to qualify for the program. I continue to work in the inpatient neurosciences unit of MGH as a PCA. I will leave in August to start graduate school at Northeastern University where I am enrolled in the PA Program. For these last two years, I was able to be hands on with patients and learn a variety of skills I will use as a Physician Assistant.

How PMC Helped Me

“I chose PMC because it was a small school and they provided me with the best financial support. Pine Manor’s liberal arts focus provided me with a well-rounded education because I was able to explore different areas of interest while still focusing my primary education in the sciences with my major in Biology.

I fell in love with science when I was in high school. Pine Manor has a strong science curriculum where the faculty challenge you, but also support you every step of the way. My professors knew me on a personal level and they were able to provide adequate help and support when necessary. I always felt that my questions mattered and they were always answered to the best of the professor’s ability. I knew I could always reach out and receive help when I needed it. This was very important in my college years.

PMC challenged me and provided a strong foundation in the sciences, which is important for a career in health care. It led me to have a strong education and good qualifications to be a strong candidate for Physician Assistant programs, which are highly competitive and present a rigorous curriculum.”
“The Biology Program at Pine Manor provides the perfect foundation for career success in the biomedical sciences.”

Daniela Ramirez ’13 – Biology