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Elizabeth (Azu) Adjei ‘13

Medical Technologist, Quest Diagnostics

Pine Manor College, Biology Major

Life After Graduation

From the beginning of her time at Pine Manor, Elizabeth expressed an interested in a clinical career. She took advantage of many opportunities at Pine Manor to help her achieve this goal. Every Pine Manor student completes an internship during their senior year. Elizabeth did her internship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital as a pathology assistant where she assisted with autopsies by cleaning and weighing organs. She had taken Anatomy and Physiology courses earlier in her education at Pine Manor and this internship helped her apply what she learned in a clinical setting. The internship helped her to “understand the anatomy of the body well enough to understand why they are important for the human body to survive.”

Her lab work through her courses at Pine Manor as well as her experience at her internship helped her to get a job as Medical Technologist at Quest Diagnostics after graduation. Her lab work through her courses at Pine Manor also prepared her for her current job. Through her job at Quest Diagnostics, Elizabeth processes and sequences DNA samples from patients to help in the diagnosis of certain diseases such as motor neuron disorder or Alzheimer’s disease. Her job has also allowed her to log the patient hours that are needed to apply to graduate school to become a Physician’s Assistant.

How PMC Helped Me

It was not only her Biology courses and her internship that have contributed to her success after graduation.
Elizabeth also attributes her success to the strong liberal arts education she received at Pine Manor. She said that the liberal arts foundation helped her to “broaden her horizons” and “study areas that she didn’t have much knowledge about”. Elizabeth is currently studying for the GRE exam and is beginning her applications to PA school.

Elizabeth Azu graduated from Pine Manor College in 2013 with a degree in Biology and has remained an active member of the Pine Manor community through her service as a member of the Board of Trustees. The Pine Manor mission is to educate and empower a diverse student body-one student at a time. It was the education of one student at a time that attracted Elizabeth to PMC. She wanted to attend a college in which she would be able to get one on one attention from her professors and she knew that she would get this at Pine Manor because it is a small school with small class sizes.

She says that she would encourage anyone to come to PMC to have what she experienced. “Pine Manor taught me a lot…my wonderful teachers always encouraged me and helped me pursue my goals.”