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Glenn Grushko ’12

Medical Liaison at New Windsor Pediatrics and Family Care
(A Private Healthcare Practice in New York)

Pine Manor College, Psychology Major

Solomon Schechter, Westchester, NY

Life After Graduation

Since graduating from Pine Manor, Glenn has continued to pursue her career goal of becoming a psychiatric nurse practitioner working with teens and veterans. She has pursued post-graduate work completing the prerequisites for a nurse practitioner program while also continuing with her interest in community service and volunteerism by creating a “library for a non profit organization. I then went on to counsel teens from the inner city on life goals.” She will be applying to Nurse Practitioner programs and hopes to begin during the next academic year.

Glenn currently works in a healthcare practice in New York working as a medical liaison in a family care private practice. “I run lab testing, assist in doctoral procedures as well as in prior authorizations for medications. I also work with electronic medical records, and support patient care.”

How PMC Helped Me

Glenn graduated in 2012 with a degree in Psychology. Attending Pine Manor provided Glenn with a “well rounded education that helped me gain multiple skills for the workplace.” As a Psychology major, Glenn was “able to take classes on culture and healthcare. They gave me a better understanding of human nature, need, and perseverance. My professors were like family and always had time for me. They helped me tailor my education to my goals and interests.”

Pine Manor College’s Psychology faculty are always available to mentor their students and to actively assist students to reach their potential. Glenn’s advisor was Diane Mello-Goldner, Associate Professor of Psychology and now Dean of the College, “I always knew Glenn had incredible potential, even when she lacked the confidence in herself. I asked Glenn to help me research and coauthor a research poster presented at the Fall 2011 meeting of the New England Psychological Association. The poster was titled: Dodging a bludger: Sorting out psychology through Harry Potter and was an analysis of some data collected in my Psychology of Harry Potter course taught in the summer 2011 session. Glenn was the inspiration behind the title of the poster, and she made valuable contributions to the background research involved in creating the poster.”

While a Senior, Glenn completed her internship at Germaine Lawrence, a residential treatment service for at-risk adolescent girls. During her internship Glenn was able to participate in a “hands-on internship that gave me practical experiences. I was able to work in a healthcare setting, planning goals and self-help plans for young women. I was exposed to residential patients with mental health issues ranging from anorexia to PTSD. One of the young women was a refugee from an African country. Her family had been killed, and she had been abused. This didn’t stop her from smiling even while suffering with PTSD. She was a big factor in my decision to continue working towards a healthcare degree and helping young adults.”

Glenn took full advantage of her time at Pine Manor College and is a true leader in her community. Like the title of her theory of personality paper she wrote in Dean Mello-Goldner’s Theory of Personality class (The Phoenix Theory), while at Pine Manor Glenn underwent a transformation in her academic and personal self that led to her becoming the successful role model that she is today!