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Heba Khurram ’14

Administrative Associate II, Endocrinology, Boston Children’s Hospital

Pine Manor College, Double Major in Biology and Community Health, Minor in Management and Organizational Change, Biotechnology Certificate

Malden High School, Malden, MA

Physician focusing on Public Health

“Pine Manor’s liberal arts focus taught me how to utilize my critical thinking and analysis skills. I was given the chance to express my passion for science and health by taking a variety of classes.”

Life After Graduation

“Immediately after graduation I worked as a Pharmacy Technician. Within a year, I accepted a position at Boston Children’s Hospital. My current workplace emphasizes growth and learning. My goal at my workplace is to become a project coordinator who will create and implement research programs to better the lives of patients. My career path revolves around giving back to my community.

While working and establishing a career, I am studying for the MCATs. I want to become a physician, with a focus on public health. I will concentrate my efforts to decrease disparities that patients face in health care. An additional longer term goal is to become a part of an organization that provides disaster relief to those in need.”

How PMC Helped Me

“At PMC I was taught how to pursue my aspirations. I was challenged.”

PMC will help you discover your passion! You will be in charge of your academic path and learn how to utilize essential skills that employers look for in graduates.

I completed my senior internship at UnitedHealth Care. I learned how to talk to patients about the importance of preventative services. I was given the chance to educate members about basic health concepts. At this internship I learned about the strong presence of linguistic/cultural barriers in healthcare. During the internship, I partnered with another PMC student to conduct a controlled study that helped employees recognize these barriers in their member population. We presented our findings to the management of UHC and received valuable feedback.

I was given the freedom to create my own academic path, and learned to utilize the experience and guidance of the faculty. The faculty helped me discover what type of workplace I would thrive in, through internships and projects.”